The undergraduate is popular " unemployed " when " rice farming "

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Cn domain name suffers chase after boost undergraduate popularity " unemployed " when " rice farming "

Saturday, weekday ran two days repeatedly the Gao Tang that invite applications for a job meets (alias) face an enterprise to leave those who go out is highest 1800 yuan low firewood eventually resolved, apply for a job no longer full-time is done " rice farming " . But, the parents that the Gao Tang that just graduates from the university that be the same as aid does not think to let express great expectations knows this decision, "I should persuade them slowly. "I should persuade them slowly..

"The corn that boil " gain profit

To " rice farming " this word, the person of age never perhaps has heard of like parents of a lot of image height the Tang Dynasty. Say simply, rice farming is engaged in the person that the domain name invests and gains profit accordingly technically namely. Go up century 90 time, after Internet enters China, as a result of " domain name " with " corn " pronunciation is similar, inside the industry register domain name interest to call " the corn that boil " , and call the person that these are engaged in a domain name technically investing " rice farming " . 2005 Google with the day price of 1 million dollars redemptive is mixed domain name, more let the outside see " rice farming " the sudden huge profits of gens.
From Gao Tang this one domain goes to original sortie now, hold two or more posts concurrently rice farming Gao Tang has given cummer to earn by right of the buying and selling of individual domain name answered coat of a famous brand, and 2006 inside 3 months of Spring Festival around, the accrual that Gao Tang relies on to sell an individual the domain name was achieved unexpectedly mixed 2005 2004 the summation of 2 years of income.

Register cost to be less than 5 yuan

Face higher and higher income, gao Tang explanation says, as Internet gain ground quickly, annual Chinese netizen number rises with ten million, had achieved at present 111 million, have " .cn of him full name " the domain name also begins to make trend. And it is in 1.3 billion population of Chinese, the full name is duplicate it is very common phenomenon. Because the Cn domain name of our country is the exclusive address resource in the network, 1 million Li Jiang in reality are corresponding is exclusive only " " . And the domain name is registered those who abide by " note first get first " uniqueness lets a domain name accumulate contained value of a kind of fashionable gift.
Had cooked pluralistic rice farming Meng Yuan of 5 years very the courage that admires Gao Tang, the Meng Yuan that goes to work in square of a number says, the investment of low cost and high return rate are to make numerous " rice farming " pursue the main reason that holds domain name investment in both hands eagerly. Domain name investment does not cross 100 yuan one year, but the possibility arises 10 thousand, ten yuan accrual.
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