Go up grandly the quarter is tremendous deficient 530 million

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Yesterday, announced its at week of time of American the eastpart part grandly up to December 31, 2005 the fourth quarter and annual finance affairs reported 2005. Money newspaper shows: Royal caustic of net loss of the fourth quarter 66.8 million dollar, annual net income is 235 million dollar. The network game income of the fourth quarter is 311.9 million yuan, than last year the corresponding period drops 20.1% , drop than the 3rd quarter 28.8% . Additional, money newspaper shows, EZPod of the fourth quarter (Yi Bao) create net business income 22.5 million yuan of RMB (2.8 million dollar) .
In the meantime, published financial 2005 report grandly, the report shows, royal profit of 2005 year net profit is 165 million yuan of RMB (20.5 million dollar) , relatively dropped 2004 72.9% .
To the deficit of the fourth quarter, royal and financial report shows, because collected total,the net loss of the fourth quarter basically is 521 million yuan of RMB (64.6 million dollar) the preparation reducing a cost that is not cash form, this also is this lead Internet company first time occurrence deficit.
Royal spokesman Zhu Gehui expresses, although royal money newspaper is not very ideal, but won't adjust company strategy because of this grandly, the company will continue to hold to the free strategy of network game and domestic entertainment strategy.

   According to report of daily of the first finance and economics: Royal Yi Bao enters 3 months of city: 10 stop in agency hand
"So far, 1 million Yi Baoda are pressed in agency hand more. 1 million Yi Baoda are pressed in agency hand more..
Inside a month after appearing on the market in December 2005, royal Yi Bao (EZPod) allege the sales volume that realized 1 million. At that time, chen Tianqiao thinks, market order of Yi Bao proved royal digital recreation concept accords with market demand adequately, it is a when strategy of royal family entertainment advances important milestone.
An agency is right " daily of the first finance and economics " divulge, after putting the market on nearly 3 months, these 1 million Yi Bao still stop for the most part however in agency hand, market reaction is very cool.
"500 thousand when Intel has exclusive selling rights such, we everybody also is approaching these area agency likewise thousands of goods, perhaps press them to wicket inn and agency again. " this agency thinks, the maturity of this market still needs for a long time.

   Yi Bao stops channel
To popularize Yi Bao, made the channel pattern of formal diversity for its really grandly. Can see from the website of royal Yi Bao, yi Bao has had 24 areas agency in 18 province at present. In the meantime, the phone is ordered, buy on the net, the mobile phone is bought wait for a variety of sale platform to already also was built finish.
In addition, also be in grandly be extended actively and chain of home appliance, computer sells the collaboration of field. Current, country beautiful, Su Ning, great plan 3 afterbirth is royal partner. In process of easy treasure promotion, these selling also be to give sufficient Chen Tianqiao face, for instance Chengdu country beauty sells 3 times field is current undertaking " buy each brand computer to add 198 yuan to get Yi Bao " sales promotion activity; Always happy sales promotion plan is " buy notebook computer to give Yi Bao freely " .
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