Internet is an industry that is full of a challenge

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Liu Ren: We welcome Ding Lei. Because,what Ding Lei knows for everybody for the first time also is, we let him speak of from this, the course that is oneself 10 years does to review.

Ding Lei: I feel to tell the past to do not have what meaning. (applause)

Internet is an industry that is full of a challenge, netease holds water 97 years to this year is time of near 9 years, we calculate luckier live in this industry come down, before me paragraph when time attends a meeting, say, it is different that present scene perhaps follows 97 years, the any product inside Internet or it is any idea, it who is being done is not important that who is being done, the key is you whether enough actual strength is in certain domain can the latercomers surpass the formers. So a lot of people can come over to ask I say you have Ding Lei today what idea is above new field, this problem I am to had been asked most second, my psychology is very actually much the thing also is not to think so clearly, but I feel to have a thing, should be special clarity, it is you should become a success a thing, besides the way that has clarity, know even how execute this direction correctly, when you are executing this direction, no matter still be in the talent on money,should want to have assure enoughly, so our company so far, cash reserve has 3.5 billion much RMB, a lot of people ask I say how you spend this money, I also do not know, perhaps have a bit I am very clear, it is me can build a China's best Internet it may not be a bad idea, software it may not be a bad idea with these money so team of a research, I think research and development is the most important, the fact also proves, netease does game to arrive 6 years from 01 years, we today's redound comes from at the consumer affirmation to our product, the market that our free mailbox can take 50 % in China is had rate, because we are ceaseless,also be keep improving on the quality of the product, service, so I want to follow here be present each friend that will attend says, attention is the most serious, pay close attention to the mainest point is you in whether to have an environment that draws outstanding talented person, can let them come in the business that does them to be interested, give them highest in this industry get one's own back at the same time, we are doing this business now, thank.

Liu Ren: Ask Ding Lei again, we today is to be in Guangzhou to do plenary meeting of a hero, the wine that boil talks a hero, who does the hero in your memory still have besides Ding Lei?

Ding Lei: I feel neither one is very clear heroic appearance, but do me the company is so old come, I review in ceaseless geoscience all the time, see their respective advantage from each success dot, also realize oneself weakness at the same time, I consider as a process that grows ceaselessly.

Liu Ren: You and study of what company, what person pass?

Ding Lei: We go looking China for, why can it have group of so powerful research and development, how does it compete with the competitor, how to go managing its medium of communication, oneself also tell when we have, even if one day, the product that we make does not have what different with plain boiled water, when doing not have content of how many technology, we with a ha should breath out study to child, can sell water in corner of complete China any, this is sale, we also should learn to Google, it can be attracted by what so much the company that outstanding talent joins them, I want what we go learning to these are worth while, include us to also learn to Liu Ren's DoNews, his home page is done very compactly, advertisement is very few, content is very much, and content is passed cut out meticulously, a kind of balance can be achieved between interest of commerce, user, I think also is a kind of very big advantage.
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