Sohu autograph makes an appointment with Beijing 2008 the Olympic Games

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BOCOG announces today, sohu company becomes Beijing formally content of Olympic Games Internet served a sponsor 2008. Support by Sohu company brand-new the BOCOG website of correcting ( also release formally today. Lin Wenyi of chairman of committee of science and technology of the 29th vice director of standing committee of Beijing National People's Congress, Olympic Games, yang Zhengquan of vice director of council of external affairs of countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, BOCOG carries out a vice-chairman to hold secretary-general king Wei concurrently, BOCOG carries out vice-chairman Jiang Xiaoyu, chairman of Sohu company board of directors held presiding apparitor Mr Zhang Chaoyang concurrently to attend an autograph to start a ceremony with official website correcting about.

According to the agreement, serve a sponsor as Internet content, sohu company will be Beijing the Olympic Games was mixed 2008 incomplete abstruse meeting, for BOCOG, China Olympic committee and to attend clever the Chinese sports delegacy of the Olympic Games offerred Olympic Winter Games and Beijing 2008 2006 formal Internet content serves.

Wang Wei expresses in the speech, of Sohu company join in expanded further the battle array of enterprise of assistance of Beijing Olympic Games. BOCOG will continue to strengthen the communication with assistance enterprise and connection, through the measure of effective protection sponsors the rights and interests of the enterprise, create a condition to support the development of the enterprise.

Zhang Chaoyang expresses, the Olympic Games is the hundred years dream of the Chinese nation, the Chinese Internet 2008, no matter will reach world high level from technical level or netizen amount, sohu is willing oneself effort is 1.3 billion Chinese and whole world the net Pliocene of Olympic Games of Beijing of open up of millions upon millions netizen bound.

BOCOG government website ( after correcting, website content is more rich, the interface is more kind. Olympic Games champion makes brilliant of brilliant of Hai Feng, Guo give out a proposal to believe to countrywide netizen, the appeal pays close attention to BOCOG website, hope more person passes the website that browse, the preparatory circumstance of the Olympic Games mixed seasonable understanding Beijing 2008 newest Olympic Games information.

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