100 million dollars of Google 16.5 buy YouTube

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100 million dollars of Google 16.5 buy YouTube

The graph is YouTube two author, left the Chad Hurley for 29 years old, right the Steven Chen for 27 years old

Google week announces to buy YouTube with 1.65 billion dollar, make Google abrupt the star that became territory of the video on the net.

This trades to combine company of an Internet ace and the nova with an ascendant the rapiddest rate rise. YouTube just announces 3 agreements with media company in before announcing to trade a few hours, the purpose is the menace that casts off copyright suit apparently. This also is Google8 on single-page calendar history most costly buy.

YouTube is current still deficit, home of a few observation suspects YouTube whether develop continuously, but, turn to Internet from TV ceaselessly as audience and ad business, google hopes YouTube can make its become the center of an inviting market apparently.

Schmidt of Google presiding apparitor expresses: "We are very natural partners, can provide charming media entertainment service to owner of user, content and ad business. " YouTube will maintain his brand and 67 all employee, include father Cha De among them - He Li (Chad Hurley) with Chen Shijun (Steve Chen) , predict to will be spent in the four seasons finish buy.

He Li expresses YouTube presiding apparitor of 29 years old: "I believe this one collaboration will bring the flexibility that pursuit target place wants and resource to us, our target is in the whole world construction serves next generation platform at media. " although be released on YouTube great majority video is an individual make, but also contain content of a lot of copyright.

Nearly a few months are in He Li and Chen Shijun of 27 years old at the administrator that persuades main media company, the hope can let them believe YouTube can help them make money. Forrester analyst Charlene Li expresses: "Buy those who make Google obtained place to go after to be in the position of video domain, they have very good opportunity to change advertisement way. " week of Google share price receives a reply at 429 dollars, rose 8.5 dollars, go up for 2% .

Of Google buy the technical ability that will enhance YouTube and advertisement technology. Buy the pressure that will increase Yahoo. The report says Yahoo hopes to buy of the 2nd big gregarious website with billion dollar. YouTube is founded last year in Feburary, but the video extract amount that broadcasts everyday had exceeded 100 million paragraphs, the global audience number August was achieved 72.1 million, one have 2.8 million only before New Year.

BMG of Broadcasting Corporation of YouTube Zhou Yixuan cloth and round-the-world record company, Colombia, Suo Ni signs new cooperative agreement, content is similar to the agreement that with Wanner disc group signs last month. Have important sense with the compromise of round-the-world disc, ceng Wei coerce is returned to want to sue YouTube tort before because this whole world is the greatest,record company is less than a month. Analysts think, bought YouTube as Google, more and more media companies will cooperate with them, charlene Li expresses: "This resembles is ' you can choose to fight with us or make money together ' .
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