The home that disappear -- Lu Hao exhibit

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Show a name: The home that disappear -- Lu Hao exhibit

Plan exhibits a person: Jiang Ming

Opening time: On May 15, 2007 17: 00
Show time: On May 15, 2007 - on June 15, 2007
Nod showpiece: Center of art of Indonesian Jakarta Hua Yisha


Illuminative person -- Lu Hao's value and meaning

Jiang Ming / civil

China's artistic now development is in 20 centuries after 80 time metaphase produce interactive impact with system of world core art gradually. Before this, chinese art begins to seek shirt-sleeve way to the west from 54 period, because do not have the force of economy and politics to support a system, without the culture system that can walk out of this nation to close, the road that plus the influence of ethical war its change is forced to interrupt. After this reduces the tool that serves for regime afresh since half many century, its artistic self-discipline sex cannot be finished. Arrived 20 centuries the later period in 80 time, below the setting of globalization, chinese art just had the transition chance that enters world artistic system truly. From 1985 trendy begin, the happening of the paroxysmal event that postpones greatly to 1989 modern art showed China to evolution of world artistic system pressing and the state of mind of angst. The art of this period basically is the situation with the specific blame that is aimed at political system and economic system transition mix to people thinking live brought worry and worry. The art of this period presents those who give a kind of disorder, of make public, urgent situation. The socialism of the autocratic Si Dalin style that the socialism that because be in,the expectation of the reform that whole at that time society begins from 1978 to China depends on hoping to reform will replace original depression, the political catchword that puts forward at that time still holds to 4 basic principles. But the condition change of the world is too sharp, hamster transformed in the round, before Russia disintegrate, cold war ended, what all these comes is too fast, and this period people is in to Chinese government the ambiguous manner that sex of advance gradually of domain of politics, economy reforms, and appear a series of the ambiguous the golden rule of sensitive issue feels malcontent! People guesses to coming to those who was full of uncertainty. The concussion since that 1989 China appear this one period erupts what all sorts of problems interweave together centrally. After 89 disturbance, chinese politics moves toward the central point that makes people attention, identity problem namely the problem that Chinese whereto goes to is mentioned again. But Deng is small 1992 smooth south speech of make one's rounds pushs China explicitly to the trend of market economy. The Chinese gained a precise status eventually -- " market economy person " . Be in what 20 centuries appear in Chinese culture domain at the beginning of 90 time " political wave general " and " realism enjoying a life " tide is the metabolic photograph with Chinese society concomitant, "Political wave general " did not form later resemble enjoying a life realistically big in that way trend depends on after 1992, capacity issue of China is already specific, the antagonism expression of direct political sex has appeared without force, fall plus the system in one party dictatorship, sex of direct opposed danger makes wave general artist cannot make the gesture that rebels thoroughly quite, and the false side that plays an age and the ambiguous expression to life state more accord with the historical circumstances at that time. Because be after the identity is affirmatory,the adds force Chinese identity problem of political system makes an awkward presence. The city situation that the artists of realism enjoying a life convey is apropos with the state photograph of the awkwardness of Chinese identity and angst is harmonious at that time. And the style type that its use civilian art place to evolve accorded with the evolution history with artistic now west again, catch up with the west to be worn artisticly fitly on the tide of regression and emotional appeal of seek different region, have more of course quickly evolution China politics and carry out intent of politics of western culture globalization to make background. Realism enjoying a life is the artistic now tide that gains international status in the first when Chinese mainland breeds, and right now with realism enjoying a life almost around is budding still have wave of colourful common art. But its culture specific aim and critically direction have very big difference. Common also has the fawn on of the happening of colourful common art and west very big distinction, western fawn on common is the middle class elite that is aimed at already mature capitalist society consume appeal and arise, and colourful common art of China is the generation in the direct setting in Chinese society transition, have immediate concern with strategic strategy of China. China began to have the event of historical sense from 1980: Establish Shenzhen special zone. The purpose that establishs Shenzhen special zone is quite clear, the strategic strategy that adopts a country namely is made artificially give " prosperous landscape " , the man-made landscape that makes this flourishs and world most the area that develop is synchronous, can undertake a butt joint thereby. Of this strategy building is the platform that the reform that results from China to begin from 1978 can not speak in the world, think like the poor that is now very much and wealthy person deal, go up in a platform far from. And the construction through nearly 10 years, shenzhen speaks to the area that around can have assumed office why to develop with the world 1990. And the construction of Shenzhen more it is a kind of symbolic significance, a signal that its transmit is: Economic progress of China had attained a kind of such scale, thereby China was entered large-scale the phase that attracts foreign capital and large-scale city are changed transform period. And of foreign capital large-scale enter country, be the real intent that China establishs Shenzhen special zone and economic technology developing zone. Because this kind exceeds groovy development, make erupt quickly around special economic zone and development of coastal economy technology, fortune and consumption present a kind to erupt the gender, pattern that displays a gender, this admires namely common art is in the social setting that 90 time initial stage begins to appear, the social specific aim of colourful common art is pair of China societies like the irony of pattern of spending of this kind of fulminic deformation critically. A lot of work that so we see colourful common is artistic are be aimed at this setting and spread out. But the period that is in integral transition as a result of Chinese society, its uniqueness depends on: In every period on the history, transition becomes the event that did not complete. The constitutional government transition of clear empire failed; National creed transition of Sun Zhongshan also failed. The civilized great transition that so China has today asks these " prehistoric problem " finish at the same time. Chinese transition is not single issue, however multiple transition. Its respect includes: 1, industrialized transition; 2, commercialize transition; 3, intellectual society transition; 4, globalization transition; 5, governmental property transition (democratization transition) wait for many respects. Because these transition problems are in,this period appears at the same time, so Chinese society appears in each phase a variety of problems, a variety of appears problems also interweave together, mutual and diversionary with action, make zoology also presents the culture art of Chinese society thereby give this kind of multiple sex. The culture work of art that goes up in the light of each direction appears at the same time. This is the total feature of zoology of art of Chinese instantly culture. This also is decided by the multiple sex of transition of Chinese society whole and complexity place. And the problem that artistic now place produces has done not have the relationship with close what with artistic style actually, no matter be,so we see " enjoy a life " or " colourful common " the artist's work is not to be only on a direction hair force. Have again even if the zoology of art of China of that history period also is to force of the hair on many direction, and develop without simplification, art of spectrum of for example politics, realism enjoying a life, colourful common, even behavior art arrive in 90 time initial stage metaphase appears in great quantities at the same time, and mutual between become a system each.
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