Add Chinese domain name " government affairs " " commonweal "

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Beijing on October 8 report (reporter Zhao Yahui) the reporter learns from the press conference that the orgnaization central weaves council office holds today: To get used to the development of domain name of international much language, bring into system of internet domain name to make the preparation on good technology and system for domain name of our country Chinese, our country undertakes adjustment to system of domain name of original internet network.

Add on the base that already had Chinese domain name " government affairs " " commonweal " top class domain name mixes Chinese " . Government affairs. Cn " " . Commonweal. Cn " domain name of 2 level category. New establish " government affairs and commonweal domain name register a management center " register an administration as the domain name, be in charge of moving to safeguard and manage.

According to introducing, chinese top class domain name " . Government affairs " use technically at branch of our country government affairs to mix other the orgnaization that assumes government affairs function, the name of the hypostatic organization of the orgnaization that mirrorred branch of our country various government affairs and other to assume government affairs function, function and the content that its provide a service. Chinese top class domain name " . Commonweal " the blame that is used technically at pursueing commonweal career seeks profits sexual orgnaization, mirrorred the blame that pursues commonweal career to seek profits the name of the hypostatic organization of sexual orgnaization, tenet and scope of business.

Make up in the center of do concerned controller to express, register the name on the net of use standard through appropriative Chinese domain name, will be helpful for building the clear label of national office and commonweal orgnaization on Internet, be helpful for enhancing government affairs branch and the security that commonweal orgnaization website visits, safeguard its to close right increase.

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