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On November 3, "Network of Liu pliable but strong does poineering work (club) meeting and mining of online network data serve Tianjin peak technical forum " hold in Tianjin. Liu Ren attends author of vice president of 1000 rubber group, DoNews and address.

[Liu Ren] : Thank everybody! I am touched very much today, because I am first time,attend a meeting that names with my name. I thank the sponsor person of the conference above all, special acknowledgment. Because organize so much person, not allow exceedingly easy, there is very much trouble at the back of this, trivial issue.

The dragon of the 2nd royal seal of old friend Hao that thanks me, we are probably 5 years before feel like old friends at the first meeting, I remembered us seeing in Beijing, ate water to boil a fish, become the friend of keep no secrets from each other since then. I had not come to Tianjin before that, the number that comes to Tianjin later is increasing.

I want to say with everybody I am the closest today a few think. The first topic that I care is: The content on Internet devalued, the staff that makes Internet content and website devalued.

2000 - controlled 2002, everybody has an idea is " content is king " , look actually from today, this formulation and idea had lagged behind exceedingly. Because its change is particularly special,Internet makes a person infatuate is fast, someone says, what pass on Internet is a dog year, (One year old touchs 7 years old) develop namely the meeting is exceedingly quick, I feel the friend of our Tianjin or the friend that we are present must realize this, if you do content, the meeting on your head has a few big mountain, can GOOGLE, Baidu is waited a moment, there can be more big mountains later, it grabbed your value, next you return be most willing to.

I still can cite a few case again, they decide Zhang Chaoyang when make search dog, it is to know perfectly well what cannot be and do it actually, why? Because he knows the possibility of a stratagem which ensures success is very little, but he must be done, because of him too not reconciled to. What can live in food chain lower end is very miserable, he needs to make search dog, so he spelled a life to do, know perfectly well failure to also can be done, this is an example. Netease also knows he becomes the possibility with without what successful search actually, but also be desperately do, we are in today, if your website or less than allow those who be dominant, be dominant in order to reprint content especially, I feel you want to notice you are in 2003 if be worth 100, be worth 10 money likely now only, lower even.

This is the first message that I miss to be delivered to everybody, if everybody has different opinion we can discuss together, I still have a lot of example to prove my thesis, when prove this thesis because of me, special sadness is in my heart, I am done namely " content " of one's previous experience, I had become journalist of more than 10 years, my earliest a few knowledge also are the knowledge that becomes content, I wrote a book to be told namely how to organize content, how to do content. I come to this deny today, this is special anguish a thing. Actually people is not willing to be done so, but when the trend that faces when you is clearer and clearer, you want to admit, you just can have new outlet.
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