Scenic learning foreign visitors Yunwushan clay production process Huangpi

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Yesterday, a foreign tourist eco-tourism in Wuhan Mulan Yunwushan enjoy the scenic natural landscape of Hubei Province, more than the cuckoo flowers, stunning in Huangpi District Millennium clay crafts and production technology. He carefully observe each of the production process clay crafts, clay works enthusiastically to the expert advice Yunwushan Huangpi clay size and brand history, and the patented technology. Culture has a long history of Wuhan Huang Pi clay, began in the Tang Dynasty, flourished in Dynasty, the Chinese representative clay arts and culture, the Central Propaganda Department in 1976, approved by the State as "China clay town", the "clay figurine Zhang north, south Clay King "in the world. Huangpi clay cultural leaders as Wang Yu Yunwushan the foot of the father and son, they are plastic Hanyang They are good as the 500 Rohan, enjoy a high reputation in China. In the past two decades, Chairman Mr. Wang Qixin Yunwushan area Huangpi turn clay culture to flourish, it gained a number of national patents forty, and clay products are exported overseas. Huangpi in the current culture of the people more than the clay people, ushered in the heyday of cultural development of clay, a folk art in Hubei precious wealth.
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