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Pure handiwork is made, 11 working procedure, take time half an year.

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Pure handiwork is made, patternmaking of creation wool draft, turn over embryo, agglutinate shapes, classics essence is cast, coloured drawing or pattern, give line, outfit to tens of line working procedure such as color, glazing refine and be become. Process is complex, the cycle that make is one considerate half an year. The person that traditional Shaanxi clay sculpture is created basically is a farmer, when their night when slack season or busy season rests, when Ying Lianliao day, party, playgoing thorn rust or grass are taken to make up in his hand, the man makes work of stone implement, wood and clay sculpture. For a long time, the does not know for person place clay sculpture high-quality goods that produces a your person to gasp in admiration. Because each pure handiwork is made,be, each have subtle distinction, each are unique.

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