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The lapidarian work of Tibetan sculptural

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Lapidarian work also is to hide one of extremely popular sculpture forms in passing Buddhist sculptural, compare with metallic sculpture and look of clay sculpture work, not only the amount is larger, and also have civilian sex, extensive sex and optional sex more. Stone carving, rub cliff statue, grotto statue and carved stone are among them a few most common kinds of main forms.

  of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of mural of grotto of A Li Dongga
Grotto statue is in Tibetan amount to is not much, of Lhasa investigating the general that play a way is the grotto that only saves lapidarian work. The Cave Temple is built for period of Tibetan regime in ancient China, but among them statue is become to be carved in succession subsequently. Statue basically distributings at newel all around with hole wall, subject matter is mixed by the religious subject matter such as great mind of all Buddha Bodhisattva, dignitary the composition such as the lay character such as chancellery of assist general, princes and dukes, latter includes soft support to do cloth to reach its Nepalese princess bare honour the statue of princess and famous chancellery Lu Dongzan. These statue form are made relatively lesser, style each different, all chromatically apply gold. Inchoate modelling has the Indian style mark that compares dense, bodhisattva is much barer the upper part of the body, tall bob, wrap around silk, private parts dress sticks put oneself in another's position tight divided skirt, wear the adornment such as bracelet of dangler, necklace, bracelet, arm, the hand writtens guarantee all sorts of agrees imprint.

Carved stone of medical king hill
Rub cliff statue is relatively popular in lapidarian work of Tibet, its marked characteristic is work all is carved go up in huge hill system or cliff. Work is engraved with bas-relief and line give priority to, have carve of in the round, semicircle or high relief work rarely. The medical king hill that is located in side of southwest of Lhasa city the Potala Palace rub cliff statue is Tibet existent rub the area in cliff statue the biggest, amount is maximum, most famous also congener statue work. Begin from period of Tibetan regime in ancient China, in medical king Shanxi the foot of mountain is as long as on the cliff of nearly 2 kilometer, vulture became full various lapidarian statue, look far, solemning is a natural open air rub cliff statue museum, imposing manner is very grand. These statue size differ, small reach several centimeters, reach several meters greatly, strewn at random distributinging meantime. Statue subject matter is extensive, country of not only Buddha all Buddha Bodhisattva of the world, child, protect all sorts of deities such as the law, also dignitary great mind, denomination sends the many historical person such as the person. With fane medium sculpture photograph is compared, although these statue abided by buddhism in the respect such as modelling, fingerprint, pose classical the tradition with appearance course, but creation compares freedom relatively, broke buddhism the machinery since statue is long-term and drab, pure and fresh and natural, your person finds everything new and fresh. Work is straightforward, guileless, succinct, have rich civilian color. Cyanine of bare orange olivine is violet wait for different colorific apply color and all round elegant classics long narrow flag, added intense mysterious flavor again for these statue. Following sb's heels below the foot of a hill and come continuous and ceaseless pilgrim, often now and then the sculpture sound of the civilian roam actor that come out, will whole statue is reductive in the culture atmosphere to before. To roam actor and the almsgiver of these statue namely devotional believer, the end that creates work of these figure of Buddha depends on artistic itself not just, and creating a process to counteract contributive creation at artwork the boundless works that the behavior place of these figure of Buddha collects. Be located in fane all around, lakefront of hill of mountain pass, emperor, emperor the work of many carved stone on caboodle, it is Tibet the sufficient body of this one distinctive culture now.

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