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The sculpture between Xue Yumin

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Leave when Hong Mengchu, the mankind moves toward it in dimming civilizedly, had it from now on and benefit from it. The trace that Tibetian lives with his and goes after, intended accidentally deck it, abounded it, decorate Tibetan earth into strong the aerial when the United States is large environmental artwork. An old bridge, hill of a gleam of, a small temple, a village, one wall rub cliff carved stone, 29 equestrian walking person... make the world immediately vivid rise.
Civilian sculpture art of Tibet is of long standing and well established. Tens of part that the Shanyezhong that does not have traces of human presence in barren today discovers are original cliff is drawn, with respect to out Tibetian first civilian hand, it is the first batch of existent artwork on this land. Civilian sculpture is artistic with its amount beauty of big, material, grade is high enjoy significant position harmony praise, its sort has carve of carve of woodcarving, stone carving, bone, clay sculpture, metal to wait a moment.
Woodcarving art included a building to decorate woodcarving and classics edition carve, mould carve. To former Gao Gu of archaic art artisan can be peeped in the building that we put period of Tibetan regime in ancient China from place and perfect artistic expression ability.
Elegant ox horn The loose countryside of general of Ni Mu county near Lhasa, have engrave ages agoly write with presswork the tradition of Ma Jingfan of wind of lection, sculpture and Duomabandan. Ouzhuduoji of 57 years old is grasped since 11 years old removed burin, he is invited constantly to Lhasa each temple sculpture offers printed Confusion classics edition. The religious things of model of since of carve of edition of this kind of classics, at the same time full of also artistic value. In Tibetan each district, contemporary artists discovered artistic the New World-the Americas from inside this kind of work, think high relief of wh some of which seals domain case can to weigh artistic curiosa, reflected the maturity of generation art spirit.
Duomabandan, also weigh 6 rods, it is a kind of mould of offerings of dough modeling of the roasted qingke barley flour that make. The place on its engraves character, animal, natural content, extremely contracted and abstract, the condition of childish clumsy but Ju.

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