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Characteristic of molding of clay sculpture technology

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Color is full, of big pinkish red of big light green apply, have Chinese traditional distinguishing feature alone, the implied meaning is far-reaching.
On colour choice original Dou Yigong, green, black give priority to color, colorific contrast is more apparent. Primary red-letter day sends close kin good friend with it, a when will convey host peculiar mix nobly the sex of the blessing to the friend. All sorts of color piece having specific implied meaning with grain appearance. Green, meaning all ages is macrobian; Gules, meaning the four seasons is prosperous; Pomegranate, meaning much happiness is much child; Ai Cao, meaning go poisonous exorcise evil spirits; Chinese flowering crabapple, meaning riches and honour; Butterfly, meaning much happiness; Peony, meaning is lucky Gao Zhao; Money of be linked together, meaning interest of 10 thousand be linked together. These have “ to pay attention to the symbol of ” , in seek to live on, hasten benefit and avoid the tube-shaped part that feels a sense is photographed below, series series synthesizes a complete work of art.

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