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Clay sculpture of original creation line drawing, line is fluent, reveal simple

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Suffer the effect with Chinese painterly calligraphy, the clay sculpture of type of original creation line drawing, line is fluent, often be brushstroke after all, simple not burdensome, show the characteristic with comely simple but elegant. Besides pure line drawing, still undertake on this foundation 2 degrees of coloured drawing or pattern are created. Form great convention elegance, the gust of having a unique style, the place in be traditional handicraft is peculiar. Actually, shaanxi coloured drawing or pattern only then period of Yu Xianqin the Western Zhou Dynasty, circulate folk 3000 long, grain of its coloured drawing or pattern acts the role of the bronze ware grain with period of the Western Zhou Dynasty differ somewhat. The image that gives priority to with animal of luck of water flea of painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style, auspicious bird builds totem of Chinese ancient time to adore, reproduction adores, the involuntary discharge of urine that deities adores is put, report gives the culture characteristic of totemic times.

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