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Modelling is lively, show folkway of loess agrarian Nong Chunpiao

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Common of traditional Shaanxi clay sculpture says “ makes fun of goods ” , this are traditional only then Yu Xianqin period, it is old people gives those who send full moon the child and make, modelling is beautiful, vivid and distinct. Traditional clay sculpture with tiger lacing film, sit tiger, establish a person to have distinguishing feature most. Because to the child, it is companion with the tiger, just grow flourishing, just have prospect. Gradually, old people also begins be attracted by this kind of lovely clay sculpture modelling, developed to have character, animal, also have a plant, it is hollow round model system mostly, also have the lacing film of anaglyph type, wait like types of facial makeup in operas of monkey, avalokitesvara, mammon, Beijing opera.

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