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Feng Xiang clay sculpture whether again flourish ascends stamp throne

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China western the hair that Feng Xiang's clay sculpture is Chinese clay sculpture circle in the air the ground, it is located in the Huanghe valley, begin to circulate from Zhou Chao up to now, have history of more than 2000 years, as a result of the characteristic with the trenchant the four seasons with loess peculiar ground, the people here has the time of the half and clay to be companion all the year round, was thought to give as dry as a chip winter the interest that a few lives increase in slack season, convey what their opposite lives to have deep love for, on choice of clay sculpture colour original Dou Yigong, green, black give priority to color, colorific contrast is more apparent. According to local custom and tradition, in the festival when give close kin good friend it, host of expression of so as to is right the affection of the friend's blessing, show master forthright nature. But contrast of contemporary new product colorific compares simple but elegant. Here is the countryside of civilian art, historical culture famous city. It is the birthplace of culture of week the Qin Dynasty, the important post of the Silk Road, also be ancient time of multiracial culture hand in collect a place. Long history and specific district, be pregnant with culture of of long standing and well established an ancient name for China. Root is tasted at civilian arts and crafts in, it is rich and varied, 1000 appearance 100 condition, still can send out up to now the scent of clay, show the charm that gives magnificent.
2002 Ren midday year, the work of bear the palm of contest of Chinese folk handicraft attends in what made 1986 by uncle Mr Hu Shen old of Hu Xinmin- - clay sculpture horse is chosen to be Chinese any of the twelve animals stamp.

2003 the last of the ten Heavenly Stems not year, shaanxi saves Feng Xiang county the sheep of work clay sculpture that Hu Xinmin of the actor between 6 battalion villager and Mr Hu Shen old cooperates is being chosen to do an any of the twelve animals stamp while, be chosen to be Chinese sheep again year mascot.

This is the mascot that the Chinese chooses for his New Year first.

2003 section of opera of the 8th China the mascot that make choice of of clay sculpture sheep is this opera section.

And we still do not have complete Cong Fengxiang of act vigorously of these shake making a person festival in when come to one's senses, from Feng Xiang county of treasure chicken city 6 battalion village transmits an exciting good news again- - the clay sculpture monkey that introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad late old actor or artist designed 4 kinds of form again for us, these monkey emergence traditional pattern, distinct and vivid, lovely and piquant, contain beatific meaning. Configuration of 4 kinds of designs is: Mu Zixiang is joyous, dispatch troops Feng Hou, monkey holds post in the arms to reach a monkey high to congratulate an elderly person on his birthday successively. The any of the twelve animals is become again after he prepares sheep of horse of add clay sculpture, clay sculpture the clay sculpture folk art of the stamp is tasted.
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