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He lets Feng Xiang " clay sculpture sheep " take the world

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2002 (Ren midday year) and 2003 (the last of the ten Heavenly Stems not year) the Ma Nianhe sheep that is Chinese the traditional Chinese calendar respectively year, the any of the twelve animals that national post office issues stamp advocate graph, the civilian clay sculpture that with Shaanxi the area just outside a city gate of Feng Xiang county of city of the chicken that save treasure presses down 6 battalion village is archetypal design. From 1980 the country begins to issue an any of the twelve animals stamp up to now 24 years, the civilian handicraft of a village imprints twice continuously on the any of the twelve animals that is known as " of " state calling card stamp, this outshines the rest in countrywide " " .

Print division of director of editorial office of bureau graph draft, advanced arts and crafts according to stamp of national post office Introduction Wang Huming, any of the twelve animals ticket of " horse " is the clay sculpture of two folk handicraft that he collects with showroom of central academy of fine arts of Ma Weiyuan design, affirm via investigation, horse of these two clay sculpture comes from Feng Xiang county 6 battalion village, sign without the author on original. And any of the twelve animals the author of " of sheep of clay sculpture of " of prototype of ticket of " sheep " is the actor between 6 battalion villager Hu Xinming and Hu Shen.

Hu Xinming is Feng Xiang clay sculpture - - saying exactly is " in actor of folk of " of 6 battalion clay sculpture the person that above average.

“ makes fun of goods to make fun of goods, one wool money two! ” - - Hu Xinming from small followed elder to learn clay sculpture craft, the name gave in 10 lis of 8 countryside.
Treasure chicken is located in middle reaches of water of short for Weihe River of the Huanghe valley, it is phlogistic emperor native place and birthplace of week the Qin Dynasty, the countryside " that element has " folk technology is beautiful praise. 20 century 80 time end, branch of cultural relic archaeology is in treasure chicken city the Gansu county churchyard of place administer clears when bury of a barrow, discovered clay sculpture of a batch of coloured drawing or pattern, among them clay sculpture of form of one honour tiger is saved complete. Classics expert appraisal affirms, clay sculpture of these coloured drawing or pattern fasten the precious cultural relic with inchoate age, be apart from already had today 2700 the history, for domestic to this day discovery makes the clay sculpture of coloured drawing or pattern with the earliest time. 6 battalion village is apart from Feng Xiang county Gansu county has 80 much kilometer only, whether is the clay sculpture of year period coloured drawing or pattern that Feng Xiang clay sculpture and Gansu county come up out of land put in unknown of " kin " , but 6 battalion clay sculpture is in be apart from today the 600 many bright generation year ago is very flourishing already it is the fact that does not dispute however. Acting according to legend of generation of craft of 6 battalion clay sculpture, to whole now village almost domestic home has the person that can do clay sculpture of coloured drawing or pattern.
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