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American president overcomes Lin Du and Hu Xinming

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American president Clinton visited ancient city Xi'an in June 1998, clinton says to want to understand a folk, be about to understand her first come from where. When he will to China visit, come to Shaanxi above all, come to Xi'an. He chose to understand China from here. The loess be pregnant with of this massiness China is civilized, grow Yo countless bright folk culture are artistic. Jing Xiping of Mrs. Hu Xinming and round circle of 9 years old of daughters make the spot perform for Clinton, fu gives Kelindufu speak very highly of, mix its daughter Hu Xinming " 1 million knots " , " small spoon types of facial makeup in operas " before wearing a bosom all the time, cheng Andong of Shaanxi province governor makes his " bullfight " give Clinton the president.

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