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Xinhua net of be a guest of Yuan Chunqing of Shaanxi province governor introduce

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[Yuan Chunqing] the 2nd gift is clay sculpture, this is a pig year clay sculpture, have life flavor very much, bright red big green. The folk-custom culture of area of the central Shaanxi plain is very rich, clay sculpture is a kind of report of culture of area of the central Shaanxi plain. Clay sculpture says the history is very ages ago also, year period had clay sculpture, the Feng Xiang county that basically is in our treasure chicken area, clay sculpture is conventional technology. Age from time to tome clay, had clay sculpture. The cultural relic that comes out in the mining in a few barrow now has many crockery, crockery is clay sculpture. This tradition handed down in civilian shedding slowly, there is village of a 6 battalions now. This village has 2 more than 1000 people, near more than 1000 people make clay sculpture technically, have many 30 one year. The income that average per capita makes clay sculpture has near 9 1000 money, can say income is very high. [2007-03-10 10:24:0Yuan Chunqing of 6] [] resemble us now sheep year, Ma Nianhe pig year any of the twelve animals stamp Rong Dengbang head, have name very much, lindulai resembling a gram Xi'an when we give him as the gift. And it had become a farmer to add a when close main source, also gave a few masters, resemble Hu Xinming, be master degree, clay sculpture has become the brand that for “ one village tastes ” .

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