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A list of names posted up of honor of Feng Xiang clay sculpture

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History of clay sculpture of Feng Xiang coloured drawing or pattern is long, only then period of Yu Xianqin the Western Zhou Dynasty, circulate folk 3000 long, be up to now our country withholds the oldest, clay sculpture that has ethical distinguishing feature most kind manual goods. Experts of classics textual research think, grain of its coloured drawing or pattern acts the role of the bronze ware grain with period of the Western Zhou Dynasty differ somewhat. The image modelling that gives priority to with animal of luck of water flea of painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style, auspicious bird is totem of Chinese ancient time adores, reproduction adores, the involuntary discharge of urine that deities adores is put, report gives the culture characteristic of totemic times. It stalks of grain with producing hair patternmaking, turn over embryo, agglutinate shapes, classics essence is cast, coloured drawing or pattern, give line, outfit to tens of line working procedure such as color, glazing refine and be become. And with its configuration is straightforward and distinct, exaggerative. Martial and succinct and wraparound, lovely modelling, bright red big romantic and the line of dripping wet of green colour, merry and lively, magical grain is acted the role of and commend, mix by the high evaluation of domestic and international personage love, the artistic curiosa that is gift relatives and friends reachs the travel souvenir of Shaanxi characteristic, it is the town avoids curtilage the unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease, peace and tranquility that keep the home, add blessing to send happy mascot. Fabulous yuan of end bright first, troops of the 6th battalion is stationed in Feng Xiang county near 6 battalion village, and army medium a few soldiers are Jiangxi old table for the most part, come from “ porcelain ” Jingdezhen, settle is after civilian. They can make contented craft, some of toy and gift are made when slack season, ceaseless treatment perfects as time passes, development makes clay sculpture of today's coloured drawing or pattern. The main source of clay sculpture of Feng Xiang coloured drawing or pattern up to now the person still is in the 6 battalion village that with archaic army the unit names. These people later after settle, make implements of slimy pottery and porcelain betray, evermore, craft of this kind of folk circulates come down. Feng Xiang county clay sculpture of 6 battalion village with its the artistic style with vivid and distinct, pure and honest guileless is famous in modelling global.

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