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He lets Feng Xiang " clay sculpture sheep " take the world

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Hu Xinming was born in 6 battalion village 1965. Ning Lucui of his father Hu Yi, mother is the civilian actor that the craft such as know well ripe clay sculpture, dough modeling, paper-cut, embroidery makes, hu Shen of famous actor or artist is new bright grandfather generation. New bright from a child suffers the edification to atmosphere of home town folk art. When he is 45 years old very love puppy, mix a mud holds this to hold that, often still sit in a place to see birdie fly, perhaps see a cat amuse oneself, looking is most day, he discovers his and understand next hold the puppy body that enters each clay sculpture to go up. Small new bright still follow elder trace in black ink over characters printed in red the picture is green, all " such as painterly, paper-cut, embroidery he takes " of art course of study so able that " resembles picture appearance " .

Hu Xinming is unforgettable the fun of childhood, more unforgettable in those days miserable. The metaphase before 70 time, from him be short of in sensible home eat to be worn less, clay sculpture was become subsidize the " of family expenses, craft of " beg for food that exchanges grain ration - - but also can ground of be in a state of anxiety works secretly, for fear that is regarded as " of " capitalist tail suffers critically. New bright discipline of small off year follows father to use frame car to pulling " mud to make fun of goods " to the Gansu county besides a hunderd li, Hua Ting and other places walks along a village to string together countryside, "Make fun of goods to make fun of goods, two " ground is calling one wool money to peddle, bit of grain is bought in order to exchange scanty income in " blackmarket " , the person that cry is flat change … of some of steamed bun a knot in one's heart, broken dress, old leather shoes with " of " mud baby…

Historical wheel turns ahead, folk art also gets a new life. When the graduation in introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Xin Mingchu, comfortable meet the country reforms fixing of farm output quotas for each household, farmer or else is used all the year round the ring that tired month is listening to to be versed in up and down plunges into li of be out on duty, a lot of family pick up on the village ancestral craft, use time of have more than needed on clay sculpture. Graduate in Hu Xinming eve, one batch comes China the French friend of the visit should see " of baby of mud of " Feng Xiang to Shaanxi on a special trip, the work of Feng Xiang clay sculpture that so its Xian Zuyi ever took a batch of beautiful Lun Meihuan from China more than 100 years ago, entrust offspring has an opportunity to must look for the birthplace of clay sculpture to China. The " of passed a person newly to attend to give a foreign country friend " mud baby that Hu Xinming regards Feng Xiang as clay sculpture is made demonstrate. He attended after this again the art creative work that prefectural culture house holds grooms class, creation practice adds theory to groom make he had rise more quickly, the farmer that he creates is drawn " reborn " still ascended " Shaanxi daily " , in those days he when ability is 14 years old. After graduation return to one's native place, enthusiasm of his have one's bosom filled with specializes in clay sculpture, made " mashed vegetable or fruit makes fun of goods " vivid and address, person sees the person loves, the name gave very quickly in 10 lis of 8 countryside.
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