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He lets Feng Xiang " clay sculpture sheep " take the world

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1983, respect be concerneded chooses Feng Xiang clay sculpture send Nanjing artistic institute to do an exhibition, hu Xinming has work not only selected, he still tells class of Feng Xiang clay sculpture on invitation. He says, that is the hall " that that ascends " to elegance for the first time, the station is pulled in nucleus of jujube of the " on dais board - - two (curium) " does not know below should say what, the biggest at that time gains is his view and emulate the folk art course that the institute offers, still studied violet arenaceous clay sculpture to make technology, from now on he learns art interest is more strong.
“ did not think of ’ of child of Jin Wa of ‘ of be better than of ’ of ‘ mud baby! ” - - the value that Hu Xinming went abroad to experience Feng Xiang clay sculpture, his with great concentration studies again and again of rich fruits of clay sculpture art.

By 1983, shaanxi saves group of culture art collect folk songs to come to Feng Xiang county, the famous artist such as Xiu Jun came, prefectural government held evening party, the parental degree of relationship of Hu Shen, Hu Xinming a lot of folk actor are invited to appearance display art. Hu Xinming also did the spot to perform on invitation, he is in time of 10 minutes, held 4 puppy such as panda, squirrel, pig, sheep with mud, win the whole audience one applauds sound. Recall makes a round trip after Hu Xinming say to the reporter when this paragraph of experience, this his performance caused the height of the expert on the province to take seriously, for him the following progress produced very main effect.

1985, shaanxi saves a government to conduct activity of " of " Shaanxi month in American Minnesota, hu Xinming is by the make choice of on the province folk art of " China Shaanxi communicates round " one of 4 members, taking work of many 300 clay sculpture and many kilograms of 100 mud that installing with leather case, first time of all one's life takes a plane, fly to ocean the other shore as friendly emissary, entered activity of " of " Shaanxi month, waited for 11 cities and 8 schools to undertake clay sculpture performance and lecture in Paul of san Francisco, emperor. Be in the United States this in all 42 days, the clay sculpture that 4 their actor makes Hu Xinming, small carve, paper-cut and work of traditional Chinese painting exchange a foreign currency for the country 230 thousand much dollar, hu Xinming's individual also got 500 dollar allowance, after coming home, he is with this money a lot of major issues handled in the home.

"Did not think of ' of baby of mud of our this ' to be able to go abroad, ' of baby of gold of ' of value be better than! "Hu Xinming is excited unceasingly. He is determined to make Feng Xiang clay sculpture farther carry forward, take the world. Heart of his whole body attacks was in clay sculpture is made, he mastered traditional ability magic art adroitly not only, return bold on successive foundation innovation. In carrying a process to capture clay sculpture work is in easy and broken this one difficult problem, he spent two years of many time early or late, had a test hundreds times. The clay sculpture of 6 battalion village was produced in the past, it is to use a village east the " of " a kind of white clay in head channel is added the strawboard that smash and into mud, made clay sculpture tastes easy damaged. Hu Xinming has replaced a variety of accretion early or late in the experiment material, but not ideal - - convert Gou paper, cost is not tall, economical; Convert old batt, not wholesome; Convert new cotton, with the mud hardness that go out insufficient; Add emulsion, its contain poisonous material in chemical composition; Add into contented glue, although do not decay, without odour, but cost is too big …… is final, hu Xinming is consulted to the person such as Chen Quanfang of famous archaeology expert, from Xi'an place of juncture of the brick on ancient city wall adds juice of polished glutinous rice be inspired on the example such as cohere, be in and the material such as juice of polished glutinous rice is added when mud, develop eventually went out to be called what " throws not sodden " to prevent broken clay sculpture, hu Xinming is extremely glad! He wants a successful good news, tell to care all the time and support his people as soon as possible, let everybody and him share successful joyance together. He is taking clay sculpture sample with the bicycle, drive the plenary meeting of prefectural the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference that holding to the assembly room, the clay sculpture sample that lets everybody taking him to be taken falls casually toward the ground, " of spot test and verify throws not sodden " . This look of Hu Xinming in studying achievement solved clay sculpture handicraft to carry is damageable problem, the expert says this is developing of Feng Xiang clay sculpture a major breakthrough.
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