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He lets Feng Xiang " clay sculpture sheep " take the world

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Hu Xinming is indefatigable in garden of clay sculpture art cultivated, with great concentration is studied. 1986, the Little Bear of " of clay sculpture work that his design makes entertains guests " is chosen to send attended job of first preschool education of countrywide to design a contest, win first prize, the clay sculpture work that this is him wins countrywide large award first, he is invigorated, strength is greater. Arrive at present, he designs variety of made clay sculpture work to already amounted to hundreds kinds, among them the biggest clever hill lies Buddha is as high as many meters 10, the youngest 12 any of the twelve animalses are only the size like the fingernail, the work of large clay sculpture of 2 meters of above that in last few years he makes amounts to many 1800.

20 century a day of 80 time end, home Hu Xinming came to 8 Japan friend, they want a few kinds of different formative ovine clay sculpture is tasted. Hu Xinmin had not passed to had been created so in the past. Soon the guest should go, hu Xinming says, you wait for half hour, I can be done! As a result he used many minutes 20 only, joining the model that made 5 sheep. Thumb of Japanese guest Forsythia suspensa, be profuse in praise, instantly ordered many 300. Did not think of those who make to be designed at that time namely among them a kind of " is right slant " of sheep of head clay sculpture, because of condition of its modelling hyperbole, foolish but Ju, basically consult as what the stamp designed the any of the twelve animals 2003 later content, through artistic rework of the expert, ascended the any of the twelve animals that is known as " of " state calling card stamp.

Introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Xin Mingcheng has representative successor for new generation of clay sculpture of 6 battalion coloured drawing or pattern. He was saved 1994 association of artist of couplet of article of culture hall, province, province awards " Shaanxi the province title of " of division of civilian arts and crafts, he still becomes academician of Chinese folk art, Chinese artist academician. He heads for a lot of places such as beautiful courtyard of the beautiful courtyard central, Nanjing beautiful courtyard, Xi'an and United States, Japan, Hong Kong to undertake discoursing on an academic subject mixing visitting a performance on invitation early or late, clay sculpture work is exhibited in global ginseng for many times, bear the palm and be collected by much home museum, artistic house. 4 work such as the slimy tiger that he makes were awarded special honour of " of a special skill of " China folk art by culture ministry 1994, clay sculpture horse won gold prize of contest of first travel products plan of countrywide 2002, the throughout the country that clay sculpture sheep runs jointly in unit of many 50 news first mascot is collected be by expert assess in selection activity Chinese Yang Nianji sheep of auspicious content any of the twelve animals.
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