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He lets Feng Xiang " clay sculpture sheep " take the world

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“‘ mud made fun of goods ’ to become a governor to send the ‘ country ceremony of American president ’ ! ” - - Hu Xinming's family is loving at clay sculpture, contended for light for the country.

Hu Xinming is clay sculpture old and well-known family. He himself became clay sculpture expert not only, his little brother, little sister and his wife, children is the connoisseur old hand of Feng Xiang clay sculpture. On June 25, 1998, mr Clinton that American president assumes when is visited China come to Xi'an, when attending ceremony of royal the welcome that enter a town that evening, shaanxi saves governor Cheng Andong to be in south Xi'an on door ancient city wall, the bullfight of a pair of clay sculpture that makes Hu Xinming gave Clinton's president, clinton says gladly: "Too beautiful, I like very much! I like very much!!

Daughter Hu Jingyuan of Hu Xinming ability is 9 years old at that time, she is Clinton to always united a spot to perform the procedure of the manual clay sculpture that make on Xi'an ancient city wall, overcome Hillary of Mrs. Lin Du to see the wonderful show of this China child, be profuse in praise. The gift that madam Jing Xiping of Hu Xinming prepares in advance - - the daughter that types of facial makeup in operas of delicate clay sculpture Beijing opera gives Clinton president, first-lady and them hanged on the neck each, clinton's president shake hands wears Jing Xiping's hand says: "Thank the gift that you add, welcome you to go to the United States visitting! "Jing Xiping says to presidential gentleman: "My husband is busy today go to Hong Kong. He has been to the United States before, the golden key that still gets Minnesota bey is given crossing you. "Clinton says humorously: "We are then early it is old friend! "What one says during a conversation says so that those present laughed.

Son Hu Jingwei of Hu Xinming this year 9 years old, it is elementary school 2 age student, he also from 45 years old firm sensible when rise to follow grandfather grandma and father mother to learn to hold " of " mud baby, posse mud is held in his little hand will be held, not a little while condition of a foolish but the small bunny of Ju is other perhaps puppy takes off the ground to move with respect to work. Somebody asks Xiaojing jokingly Wei: Does “ still do slimy child all the day like father after are you grown? Answer of in sad earnest of Wei of ” little respect says: “ is done of course, but should attend a college first, do slimy child then again! ”

’ of horse of “‘ clay sculpture and ’ of sheep of ‘ clay sculpture are us the pride of 6 battalion person! ” - - Hu Xinming is manacled in what smallholder thought breaks through in practice, let take big strides of Feng Xiang clay sculpture move toward the market.

Feng Xiang clay sculpture moves toward the market, sale dimensions expands gradually, especially ” of horse of “ clay sculpture and ” of sheep of “ clay sculpture walk up in succession 2002, the any of the twelve animals 2003 after the stamp, feng Xiang clay sculpture is more popular global. Introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad new reasonable place becomes 6 battalion village of course to develop the leader that clay sculpture commodity produces. Before before long, he sells the sheep of clay sculpture of coloured drawing or pattern that goes a company of American to amount to 50 thousand.
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