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He lets Feng Xiang " clay sculpture sheep " take the world

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Hu Xinming has deep feeling ground greatly to say, push clay sculpture to the market, oneself also experienced the process of an ideological emancipation. 1989, when the State Council leads a comrade to work to examine of Shaanxi call upon, special the manufacturing case that to Feng Xiang county 6 battalion village saw civilian craft clay sculpture, leader comrade gave height the opinion to the civilian actor such as Hu Xinming, praised them to make contribution to promote ethical culture, ask local government gives to this support energetically. Pass when before long, province, city dials 80 thousand yuan of special funds to give about the respect give aid to, prefectural spot handles official bussiness, established institute of craft of folk of county of " Feng Xiang " , appoint hold the position of a strong point by Hu Xinming, undertake the development of clay sculpture handicraft is produced. "Ordinarily this is the favour that the sky falls down, can be in we dare not work however at that time! "Hu Xinming recalls a case at that time now, oneself also feel “ mysterious ” - - parental at that time “ very fear ” ground says to him: “ child, the money of the pubic so much, in our hand lanes and alleys bad botch, we sold all property compensate does not rise! He thought ” to also be afraid of, the strong point did not work, money turn over to the higher authorities, the thing was not begun purely. Later the development as market economy, thought understanding of Hu Xinming also produced change stage by stage. He began himself to do a factory to start clay sculpture production 1996, develop a success the clay sculpture new technology that " throws not sodden " . Until 1998, lunar income achieves 1 . 50 thousand yuan, benefit is considerable. Hu Xinming's reputation is bigger and bigger, attract two enterprises very quickly to search come to come, invest many yuan 100, with him collaboration established a company, develop Feng Xiang clay sculpture. But Hu Xinming fears market risk is big, quited a company of one's own accord before long, but still maintaining cooperative relationship, he is in charge of technically clay sculpture is produced and be being created, offer money in great quantities to the company, have exclusive selling rights by the family.

Walk up to be called in succession as ” of ” of horse of “ clay sculpture, sheep of “ clay sculpture the stamp of ” of “ state calling card, feng Xiang clay sculpture is all-time and popular. This year Spring Festival around this paragraph of time, bearer, come the person that case, incoming telegram buys clay sculpture to connection of 6 battalion village in an endless stream. Hu Xinming drives whole village about a hundred other people works overtime day and night handicraft of the clay sculpture that make, a lot of farmer also bring the relation of the come off sentry duty in the city help, but the product still demands exceeds supply, be forced to execute make an appointment production, sale of set limit to. According to estimation, the clay sculpture work of 6 battalion village already had Feng Xiang a few this years in all nearly 1 million are sold toward 20 many countries and area, among them only Hu Xinming sells what work off goes to have many 20.
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