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The last of the ten Heavenly Stems not year any of the twelve animals of Hu Xinm

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The beauty of the countryside ” that treasure chicken element has “ folk arts and crafts praise. Mixed 1995 2002, pig of pillow of the handicraft between this citizen and clay sculpture horse are regarded as an any of the twelve animals by national post office respectively stamp design. This year, choose sheep of clay sculpture of handicraft of folk of Feng Xiang county to be like stamp design as Yang Niansheng again. Meanwhile, company of Heng Yuanxiang group also is his the sheep certainly year mascot. The clay sculpture sheep that Hu Xinming of actor of Feng Xiang folk creates, for clay sculpture of coloured drawing or pattern, yang Jiao is recurvate into snail shape, the “ conch ” in ” of eight treasures of Buddha of “ of be similar in shape, it is a kind of lucky design, the sheep carries the sweet-scented osmanthus of 4 valve pink on on the back, take “ the four seasons restful, riches and honour is lucky the meaning of ” , whole lamb holds out a bosom to hold high hale and head, lively, very lovely. This sheep by pitch on of national post office, as the sheep year stamp advocate design. Head on hairdo, leader of national post office spoke very highly of the distinctive glamour of ” of sheep of clay sculpture of “ Feng Xiang.

Any of the twelve animals of clay sculpture of 6 battalion coloured drawing or pattern the stamp is author Hu Xinming is on the foundation of craft of ancestral clay sculpture, in July 1988 stamp horse creates any of the twelve animals of afterwards clay sculpture the work of another outstanding creative work after the success, created the left and right sides to slant along with all the others at that time bellwether, right carry leg sheep, fierce sheep, termination sheep, lie 5 kinds of series such as the sheep, among them right slant bellwether is chosen to be the last of the ten Heavenly Stems again by national post office not year any of the twelve animals stamp advocate design. Lamb modelling is very exaggerative, foolish condition but arrest, hold one's head high hold out a bosom, wing end step, good not perky. The Yang Jiao with golden yellow curly hypertrophy, be like the conch in Buddha eight treasures, take meaning garrison post curtilage the human body evil, Na Xiang that gain blessing; The prothorax of full crimson, state the life is prosperous, happy and perfect; The pink heart valve on the body is beautiful, it is sweet-scented osmanthus, take meaning wealth and rank, the four seasons flexibly, every years old of year old peace and tranquility, send money of “ sheep ” greatly.

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