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How does " of sheep of stamp of Feng Xiang " approach road of " money "

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Slimy sound ” is pounded to describe present Feng Xiang county everywhere in using “ village 6 battalion village is the aptest do not pass. Country of common the central Shaanxi plain, winter mostly because of slack season cold and cheerless is noiseless, 6 battalion village however because by stamp of ” of “ state calling card twice “ admire nods ” and unusual work, 2002 (Ma Nian) , 2003 (sheep year) the stamp chose any of the twelve animals of two years the civilian handicraft modelling of this village- - clay sculpture horse and clay sculpture sheep, chinese stamp is issued history on only this one, it also brought the opportunity that get rich to whole village person.
It is gentle and simple of ” of sheep of one village “ together differ greatly

It is the sheep that person of 6 battalion village does likewise, social status has however very big different, most other people makes the clay sculpture sheep that come, a big like hand 34 yuan of money can be bought, a bit a bit better also have 10 yuan or so only.

But Home Hu Xinming becomes one of stamp sheep former writers,give the sheep that come, “ standard configures ” to sell 58 yuan, include: Print collect card delicately a piece, clay sculpture sheep and fabricant circumstance introduction are on, stick have a sheep year stamp, the lid has sheep of post office of Feng Xiang county year the autograph of indicia of souvenir of stamp head hairdo and Hu Xinming; Still have by the province postal branch is made, the commemoration day that national post office issues is sealed and postage postcard each one. Hu Xinming's sheep also has distinctive impress on the body, lid of seal of ” of postal supervise the manufacture of of chapter of ” of Hu Xinming of a “ and “ is on the unpainted clay idol of ovine leg.

Hu Xinming's work, contain a few minutes of contemporary flavor again in full-bodied folk-custom flavour: Ovine neck is twisted to at the same time, opposite before first cerebral sheep appears more lively.

Clay sculpture sheep does not consider follow of horse of pace clay sculpture

Handicraft of the clay sculpture between 6 battalion villager already had 600 old histories, but the person that confirm original work, undertake to it this year still is first time meticulously packing. Treasure chicken, Feng Xiang and Hu Xinmin want method protects ” of this “ lamb, do not want to let it become the popular goods of dependable quality of manufacture in a rough way inside short time namely. Person of 6 battalion village has had Ma Nian's lesson. The clay sculpture horse 2002 is in went up the postheat of the stamp sells the throughout the country, “ of every family put into high gear builds 6 battalion village equestrian ” , horse of result clay sculpture must form a pile more, the price falls to 9 yuan of money from 68 yuan.

This year, in the sheep year a hairdo hind of the stamp, feng Xiang post office and industrial and commercial bureau stick an announce in the village, statement has certificate of quality by postal branch, having seal of ” of “ postal supervise the manufacture of just is to get ” of approbatory “ blooded sheep, of someone else be modelled on behavior is belonged to illegal.
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