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Shaanxi folk handicraft go up 4 times stamp

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Treasure chicken is birthplace of culture of week the Qin Dynasty, civilian craft is of long standing and well established. Among them, clay sculpture of 6 battalion village already had Feng Xiang county 600 old history, up to now other people of frankpledge of whole village know exactly about sth is engaged in clay sculpture handicraft making all the year round, the clay sculpture work of the civilian actor such as Hu Shen, Hu Xinmin ever was in for many times global exhibit and bear the palm, be collected by much home museum, artistic house. Any of the twelve animals ticket of ” of stamp “ horse is the Mawei of clay sculpture of two Feng Xiang that stamp of national post office prints Wang Huming of bureau director stylist to be collected with showroom of the academy of fine arts central of archetypal elaborate design.

Any of the twelve animals of 6 battalion clay sculpture stamp horse is the edification of author Hu Xinming in craft of ancestral clay sculpture, assiduous study that catchs fat and his, bold creation, will make in March in 82 years finish. The double badger grain on the made of baked clay archives of double badger grain when design is Qin Han before the horse, show inseparable as body and shadow of green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse; Dot of 5 Chinese ink expresses, 5 child seize chief, take the lead, the horse arrives result into; The graph grain on saddle is bronze ware to go up lines of horny form yin and yang represents constant some haunt aeon of preserve one's health its prosperous; The 12 grain sth resembling a net on horsetail. Ground of delegate the ten Heavenly Stems child, state metempsychosis of life and death always keeps ceasing; The dot of 7 Chinese ink at the back of the horse is the Plough, represent an old horse knows the way, auspicious (7) astral Gao Zhao. Meet again today be chosen to be Ren midday by national post office year stamp design, take the lead of true it may be said, dragon horse spirit, the horse arrives result into, open peaceful flourishing age, seal Hou immediately, can get a batch of any of the twelve animalses it is thus clear that clay sculpture horse, make lucky in successive years comes to gentleman.

2002 is Ma Nian of our country the traditional Chinese calendar, what ticket of “ horse ” uses the any of the twelve animals is the design of horse of clay sculpture of handicraft of folk of county of treasure chicken Feng Xiang. This is afterwards ” of pig of pillow of “ of handicraft of Gansu county folk was chosen to enter an any of the twelve animals 1995 since the stamp, the handicraft between treasure chicken citizen appears the 2nd times in the any of the twelve animals on the stamp.

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