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This is the artistic flower that blooms below cold freezing point. Although the name says,ghee is spent " flower " , but its subject matter is diversiform, content is rich, basically form all sorts of story plots with the content such as miniascape of tree of water flea of King Kong of Budda immortal, Bodhisattva, birds and beasts, painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style, mountain forest, flowers, form whole stereo picture. This job will begin to immediately following in time on October 15 from the traditional Chinese calendar year of the first month of the lunar year finish 15 days.
In tower Er temple, "Wisdom beauty more ascend " , " the Tang Dynasty monk go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures " , " day female loose cotton " , " a beauty matchs " , " white snake is passed " it is general and common theme, but because outstanding ancestor Ceng Za and Ceng Za of tribute boundless and indistinct (go up namely beautiful courtyard and courtyard issueing a flower) the competition that should have ghee flower show year after year, accordingly, change somewhat and the content that exhibits every year keeps secret, so that the result of amaze the people with a single brilliant feat is achieved when appear.
Because year old after end grass is yellow, the ghee that yak grandma course abstracts is lily-white. Model the meeting of figure of Buddha that go out to be like month of clear and bright with this kind of ghee so, skin fair-skinneds in vain character. Before make art monks want hair of Xian Mu bath to wish, hold the ritual of a need. Next together agreed chooses work content, special master is good at guiding its child to work separately in allocating all sorts of subject matter. When making, choose superior ghee to immerse above all in cold water, undertake long knead, till rub is become,cream shape, the impurity in purify ghee makes his more smooth and exquisite. This is to use makings preparation level.  
And the cent of specific creative work with ghee artistic flower is 4 measure:
"Plunge into framework "
The content that art monks will behave according to work, the softness that passes with treatment is careless bundle, the basic model that the content such as rope made of hemp, bamboo pole, stick plunges into different pattern and size.
"Do embryo "
With tore open the old ghee that come down to spend mix into to mix last year plant ash is beaten repeatedly, make the black with good into tenacity strong flexibility model greasy filth. Wrap later finish on framework roughly model, its model law is similar dough modeling or clay sculpture.
"Apply model "
In has machined white ghee mix into enters of all kinds mineral dye, mediate oily model raw material, on the model that besmears model is finished in early days, need to want to use gold, silver-colored pink to draw the outline of sometimes, of figure of the of all kinds that finish model.
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