Cang Chuanfo teachs slimy carve the mask

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It is the religious emperor content that evolve in the custom that puts holy thing from the buy inside abdomen of tower of ancient India flag and comes. "Brush brush " one word some says is to originate the dialect with medium, upper India, it is the Tibetan speech interpret of Sanskrit. Also some saying is pair of echoic words that sound in the process that make. Return somebody to because hide,say language is medium " Sa " the meaning that is earth, and brush brushing is made by earth, should cry so " Sa is brushed " . Of course, brush those who brush with expect differ choose a site for the capital is pure earth. The drug that some patients take him and mud together fire is become brush, this is for invocatory at an early date heal. The ashes of the dead of the person that still have mate and mud together fire is become brush brush eliminate sin, course of study of invocatory be apt to. Each are brushed those who brush is final finish want a Guang Yi type with the monk to be an end.
Nowadays brush brush meaning for mould of a kind of sunken form, use suppress to give shaping clay sculpture relief. Anaglyph of figure of Buddha points to only so on content, nowadays derived the religious offerings style such as conic form. Set in each district Tibetan an area place technically brush brush " brush health " namely " deposit brush brushed house " . Take to brush the earth that brush or brushs smear to be hanged when little a knot in one's heart is born on the tongue, treatment has in affected part. People believes it can resist or treat a lot of diseases. Somebody will brush the history that brushs development to generalize for a few phase: 1. Before be in Cang Chuanfo to teach grand period 7 centuries reach the Christian era 9 centuries are to brush brushed hair auspicious period, but hide Wang Lang to amount to day of Ma as a result of last world destroy Buddha moves, of first phase brush the remnant that brush place very few. 2. After be in Cang Chuanfo to teach grand period 10 centuries reach the Christian era 13 centuries are to brush brush transfer period, at this moment brush brush absorbed India from modelling the style of Mill of assorted of Swart, noise made in coughing or vomiting, Jierjite, also present the artistic distinguishing feature that gave and other places of Nepalese, Central Plains. 3. The Christian era 14 go up to seventeen century the leaf is to brush brushed autumn, the characteristic of district art style that appeared to hide district each district to differ. 4. The Christian era seventeen century is to brush the height that brushs art to develop period, if Daweidejin is firm,the crackajack work of art such as refine mud begins to appear.
Figure of Buddha is divided in clay sculpture craft besides, still have the work of a lot of subject matter, if 8 luck are lucky,statue of character of graph, life, animal is mixed all sorts of lucky design. The sweetgrass beautiful woman that these implied meaning are just like Qu Yuan is same, using symbolize and the pectoral chest that artistic conception conveys people.
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