Art of the woodcarving between the Tibetan picks after beautiful (graph)

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In the earthy floor that enters white of pink Tibetan the home when you, meet be attracted deeply by an a grass of engrave of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, gorgeous furniture Tibetan type. Style distribution is equitable, design 1000 appearance 100 condition, hide the bridge of window of an arch over a gateway of type furniture and carve patterns or designs on woodwork flamingly, be permeated with the atmosphere with happy, auspicious and enthusiastic auspicious. Furniture of woodcarving Tibet type is hind one of civilian conventional technology with peculiar Tibet. This hides the flower of the technology that clansman civilian likes, the measure that is beauty of according to of Tibetian working people creates. It reflected the high wisdom of Tibetian working people and aesthetic ability adequately. Furniture of woodcarving Tibetan type and the content of the woodcarving on door window are rich, subject matter is extensive, fish of character, flowers, bug, birds and beasts, design, decorative pattern is waited a moment, all-embracing. Among them " Gong Lian in full bloom " , " Lu Ming alarm bell " , " dragon Feng Chengxiang " , " spring day Mu Niu " , " white crane cold pine " , " bodhi emerald green leaf " , " altar city design " , " lotus throne throne, it is the traditional motif that report of Tibetian working people behaves, it is Tibetian woodcarving actor the clinging pursuit of ideal to happiness, desire.
Woodcarving art hides after, the style guileless, thought sentiment that reflects a Tibetian people and honest people are temperamental, expressional gimmick is succinct, passing with the god again form. Have strong adornment interest already, it is quite attractive artistic appreciation is tasted. See carven of that hollow out please " bodhi emerald green leaf " graph, composition of a picture is concise, fresh and green elliptic bodhi leaves are together repeatedly, hollow out of bine, branch, horizontal Xie Shulian, dwell having a bird is between bodhi branches and leaves, be about to shine the wing brings neck Gao Ge, between the bodhi leaf with exuberant emerald green drop, the rising sun shows half smiling face. Engrave of bodhi leaf carve forms circular crown of a tree, give a person a kind of divine sense. Bodhi, do not have this tree in Tibet, because Budda Sakyamuni ever was the divine content of people believe in. The bodhi leaf of that woodcarving, rosy clouds of that the rising sun, modelling is beautiful, the construction is strict, line is fluent, firm soft decent, the nature that reflected bodhi leaf not only is beautiful, still let a person experience the elephant outside the picture; Flourishingly vitality, strenuous up spirit, effulgent future. See that again " lotus throne throne " graph, horizontal stroke of a strong lotus is born for nothing, there is one Buddha on lotus valve, other is not had all, but those who use a knife is ingenious feeling making a person is surrounded the infinite space of strong lotus and throne, be full of the mysterious breath that can feel. See that again " easy Yun Juancai " graph, two cirrus flutter buckjump is worn calm case is in one party is hollow-out on Yun Mu, the others fastens none, let a person feel sky of one dark blue has the cloud to rise and fall however, blue sky of that cirrus place oneself, cloud head surrounds boundless space, the space of none is fastened all round, become excellent place without scene place, develop furniture Tibetan type again pervious to light the function that aerate, with one action of it may be said is much.
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