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Manishi, generally refer to engraves Buddhist nun having Ma the block of model of written characters or divine Buddha figure, ma Buddhist nun is cuss of Tibetan close classics 6 words true word " ton, , , , narrow one's eyes, 吽 " abbreviation.
Manishi is from mouth to mouth is in Tibetan folk the holy content of Buddha of a kind of sacred god, it is natural those who adore is outspread, also be the child that teachs as mutual as Buddhist culture confluence originally.
Caboodle of Ma Ni Shi results from the clever Shi Chongbai that this teaching. Go up in every road almost, by Shan Shenghu of fane of river side decharge, fane, god, have lot of such Ma Ni Shi, be as long as hundreds meters greatly, form grave of a hill, small only a few carved stone are comprised. Daily, people hand dials beads, buccal eulogy true character circles Manidui to turn row, every turn circuit Xiang Shi. Caboodle buys a rock. After a considerable period of time, manidui is built more more tall.
Be in some village of black prosperous highway, two are called " of Tibet most " Ma Ni Shishan, circumference one unit of distance, very nearly 20 meters tall. These two place oneself at the miracle in nature, it is to use prayer heart and engraved hand completely, come 600 years, the pyramid that a together accumulation rises, enough shows " ancient forest megalith adores " devotional force.
Be in as buddhism of Tibet circulate, belief provides an elephant to change with what adore divine Buddha figure, "Clever Shi Chongbai " gradually cuss of classics of translate into buddhism and Buddha god touch Baalism. People begins to carve Buddha, Bodhisattva on natural stone, this honour, the god that protect a law is touched, dignitary, still have the 6 words true talk that does not attend forever. These are full of the figure of religious sense, symbol, the expressional content everywhere that engraves as Manishi is visible. The making style of quarter also divides Manishi with different district to be engraved for the line, this world that decrease the ground is engraved, the different sort such as bas-relief, anaglyph.
The line is engraved, this world that reduce a base is engraved, discover the area in Yu Changdou, A more. The line is engraved, it is line drawing this world is engraved namely; This world that reduce a base is engraved, it is online all round figure of quarter god Buddha a bit concave side decreases the ground, make statue bulgy, stress administrative levels and dimensional feeling, in order to highlight main body figure. Prosperous carved stone is mixed with person of bird, animal head more the barpque and feral god that protect a law venerates resemble giving priority to, sculpture ability law and behaved more ground to absorb style of Chinese ground art, bold and resolute, succinct and marked, the huge of its dimensions also is gotten quite on Tibetan coronal.
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