Lhasa develops the lapidarian statue wall of Ni Lakang of Ma of Er village when

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We are headed for twice early or late develop temple of Kang Ma of Er village to undertake making an on-the-spot investigation on the spot when countryside of hall of male county tribute, this temple is located in be apart from Lhasa the 135 kilometers, hill village that arranges 16 kilometers place when male county develops Er, xichaodong, lean close in day Ma hill (red hill) below the foot, for Gelupa fane, department salad temple belongs to a temple, by salad temple close village of the Dong Kang that breath out Er manages a courtyard directly, have 62 monks, belong to become currently the fane with male county the biggest churchyard.
Health Ma temple present advocate the hall is three-layer formerly, building carrying a layer on the head is destroyed at " Culture Revolution " period, now already repair probably, layer of just a little is saved as communal grain storage facility at that time come down, partial Buddha hall and monk are abandoned when waiting for building house to become, allocate door. The building that survives in these group in, one is in small yard, be located in advocate hall the reverse side of large kitchen of left, fane, that is Manilakang. Manilakang is the place of inchoate religion activity besides hole of this temple cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine.
Manilakang is the oldest building in fane, in person is very average, without any special place, but save the lapidarian statue wall within house to attracting the everybody that walks into hut deeply, if do not have an insider give directions, we do not imagine appearance to be turned over shabbily at all " L " model inside the building unexpectedly in perfect condition in store the lapidarian statue 300 years ago, indoor stick shipshapely on 6 walls full sundry anaglyph stone is inflexible, this building housetop is low, do not cross 3 meters high, the design train of thought of the very infrequent ① that the corner highlights upcountry will analyse, the likelihood is mixed for consecrate namely originally protect this group of stone carving and build designedly.
Say according to local monk, it is origin at first of the Cang Bafu Fu from Guo Luokang Ma child Kangmama chases after · emperor to be built to seek mother of hold a memorial ceremony for by Jinmeibawo, "Kang Ma " renown from this and come. This stone carving that looks like a monk to abandon is pulled health in " Culture Revolution " period, allocated the Fu of an old fellow like me of year of close seventy years of age of two goodness of local, because of from small it is devotional Buddhist, old two are in convulsion time situation is again tight also not the stone carving wall with this is divine and grand finish of be willing to part with or use, protect these sculpture with all sorts of excuse, above burnt report paper. The photograph of risk one's life that is two old people is saved, these stone are inflexible just be able to see light again, put glorious greatly. Although such, the God head of partial anaglyph still is attacked by axe, ulterly changed.
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