The marked characteristic of Tibetan folk woodcarving

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TibetThe marked characteristic of civilian woodcarving is according to content expression needs, the feature that captures an object undertakes certain hyperbole is mixed wraparound. The lotus like huge pot is like in woodcarving work, the flying Apsaras traditional Chinese painting of beautiful women with head large young body, eyebrow grows a large fine to blame, the fruit with big fist, the umbrella is general big leaf... this is exaggerated expression, the artist has very rich experience to hyperbole between. Hide adage cloud: Horn of 100 jins of Yang Zijiu feet, a tail procrastinates downward. There still is a few in woodcarving work " appear " the figure of type, very vivid, namely already the content that hyperbole behaved thing and essence again. Hyperbole not only what did not make we feel woodcarving is truthless, enhanced the expression of content and artistic appeal instead. The niche for a statue of Buddha of the consecrate in Tibetan farmer home all is woodcarving, on the edge of niche for a statue of Buddha, have commonly " lucky day mother " sculpture resembling, lucky day mother also calls mule day king, she runs quickly at a sea of blood all right in, the foot steps on countless ghost bewitching, the hand lifts musical instruments used in a Buddhist or Taoist mass, carrying cirrus on the head, those who guarding the bound of quiet, Buddha of divine extent is quiet. The scale of lucky day mother, the ghost bewitching that falls than the foot is big severalfold. The hyperbole of her movement, as if have crushing all force.
Hyperbole is in the action on woodcarving, also matter to join respect. As usual sees the sculpture of the bine of leaf of flowers and plants that arrive, often nod expressional lamina with two, a curve expresses a bine, set upright one horizontal stroke to tick off a grass of quarter one individual plant, tree or posse flower, mutual connection is close with outside outline photograph is fastened together, efficient, without redundant thing.
Deciding day of county assist Ga Er in a farmhouse, the Confusion classics that sees a Tibet is inchoate is sealed board woodcarving, character sculpture does not have distinguishing feature, with two the dot represents an eye, two curves express brow, nose and mouth omited each upside and bottom, leave blank, see the nose is mixed only on lip, and do not engrave bridge of the nose and next labial parts. But because undertook proper hyperbole, intended lengthen essential point, line, reason makes whole character does not break sense of reality not only, behave more racily instead.
Modelling of Tibetan folk woodcarving appears easily certain type is changed. But the type melts pair of certain ornament for art, not be its weakness certainly, can strengthen artistic trait instead. Have the carve person of experience, can try to change on the foundation with real life, at general in show bright individual character.
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