The sculptural of the Potala Palace

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The sculpture of gold-plating of sound of world of 3 honour view inside hall of Gong Gongsheng avalokitesvara resembles
What teach as Cang Chuanfo is flourishing, buddhist statue art of Tibet also is able to develop and flourish. The cloister that sculpture teachs in Cang Chuanfo has crucial place in the hall, the sculpture inside the Potala Palace 1000 appearance 100 condition, distributing very extensive. These sculpture distributing not only inside palace hall of each audience hall, go up to also can see in corridor even.
Inside the Potala Palace go up sundrily division, this honour, the sculpture that wait resembles Bodhisattva and Buddha, call " Gu Dan " (Cang Wenyin interpret) , gu Dan is the indication that believer adores. Believer is passed adore these indication, one kind is aroused in the heart to power of Buddha true-blue, so that get works of course of study of be apt to. Accordingly, to shape the image that each makes believer adores, the artisan division that is engaged in Buddhist statue people should accurate without by accident according to on the magnanimity measure that division place provides will undertake modelling, make more the requirement that gets used to Cang Chuanfo to teach.
When building red temple, arrange is in Sang Jiejia of department · " Na Zhan ministry continent only is majestic catalog " in, made a few kinds induce to statue measure. Normative statue measure forms Cang Chuanfo to teach the common characteristic of statue. This namely the common characteristic of statue of carve of the Potala Palace.
In addition, light and way shoot outside the very smooth, body of Buddha, the general composition that carries place on the back to match decorations is as follows: Law exterior adornment design and gem, the animal of precious birds god with semmetry is returned to be on its adorn (general double lion is much, shang Youshuang peacock, double elephant) . Law the moon that go up represents bodhi heart, the sun expresses all empty, lotus states be disgusted with is centrifugal. Back besides top light, shoot outside the body there are 6 apparent ornamentals commonly inside halo (call a back 6 spirit again) . These ornamental are the roc of clever wing bird of two side semmetry respectively, the double claw of roc is buying a big snake; Its issue each to have the form of humanness of an upper part of the body, below half water as dragon body Long Nv of essence of life; Divine alligator is under Long Nv; It is under divine alligator wrap around foliaceous boy; It is under boy alone horny animal; It is under horny animal alone hold a 6 the people in both hands (namely the lion, elephant, courser, peacock, in all life bird and Hercules) one of.
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