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Sell a hand to turn land of form of mud, mould mud, order continuously

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We are Guangdong saves Dongguan city to assemble Xin handicraft limited company, greasy filth of carve of plasticene of our company main production, essence, color greasy filth, hand turns land of form of mud, mould mud, order
Advanced color oily earth basically is used at handicraft, hardware, plastic sculpture of a model, student, can use circularly, long buy is not degenerative.
Mud of greasy filth of carve of essence of life, hand board is used extensively at handicraft, hardware hand board, plastic, car, the sculpture that asks the model such as car, television, handicraft, plasticity is extremely strong. OK and aleatoric fashion into all sorts of appearance.
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The labour that collect Xin trade limited company Yellow Wei Yu Mr Address: Precinct of bank of north of town of yellow river of city of Dongguan of Guangdong Guangdong province annulus village highway 45
Phone: 0769-3600118
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