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Shenzhen carves raw material limited company

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Fly company of sculpture raw material, be located in town of hillock of dragon of area of hillock of Shenzhen city dragon to be the same as happy industrial district 20. Oily earth of carve of essence of life of card of main production Yun Yi (already obtained the exterior to design card of patent, Yun Yi to already obtained brand to register) , the raw material such as earth of item red-letter day, color oily earth.
Oily earth of carve of essence of life (sculpture mud) , earth of item red-letter day (Bai Ni) , basically use at craft, hand edition, pottery and porcelain, wave beautiful, the sculpture raw material such as hardware. This product already was produced old, the famous brand product that quality assures. Supply silicon benefit at the same time health, a beautiful raw material such as silicon oil.
Fly limited company of sculpture raw material is cordial greeting manufacturer negotiates, the ~~ that order! !
Company website: Http://

Shenzhen flies carve raw material limited company Mr Zhu gentleman Address: Guangdong
Fax: 0755-28908063

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