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Shenzhen provides chromatic oily ground, oily earth of carve of essence of life

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Fly company of sculpture raw material, be located in town of hillock of dragon of area of hillock of Shenzhen city dragon to be the same as happy industrial district 20. Oily earth of carve of essence of life of card of main production Yun Yi (already obtained the exterior to design card of patent, Yun Yi to already obtained brand to register) , the raw material such as earth of item red-letter day, color oily earth.
Oily earth of carve of essence of life (sculpture mud) , earth of item red-letter day (Bai Ni) , basically use at craft, hand edition, pottery and porcelain, wave beautiful, the sculpture raw material such as hardware. This product already was produced old, the famous brand product that quality assures. Supply silicon benefit at the same time health, a beautiful raw material such as silicon oil.
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Hard oil plants of carve of cloud art essence
Exterior patent applies a code: 0Twenty-three million three hundred and twenty-two thousand seven hundred and forty Chen Yingzhe supervise the manufacture of
Characteristic use:
The quality of a material below 1 normal temperature is hard and meticulous, but fine carve of carve of essence of life suits high-quality goods prototype, industry designs a model to make
2 pairs of temperature are sensitive, lukewarm but bate model form or repair.
Oily earth of carve of essence of chip of 3 new products, with the hand lukewarm can bate, model look is simple suit classroom education do exercises in composition.
4 not have a hand in, not contractive, earth of the section that compare order is cleaner, precision is taller it is the good material that prototype of craft industry group makes

Use essentials:
Oily earth of carve of essence of chip of 1 new product, point to with the hand can soft form
Surface of bate of usable hot blower presses two 2 agglutination again close
After 3 model form thick fast adamant, if want to change long surface to be able to use face of hot blower bate, if need to be modelled afresh, usable heat-resisting is plastic on in bags,
Bubble is in hot water or install put into the bate in electric boiler inside the canister, electric boiler should plug phone only, do not turn on the water, heat preservation half hour hind can bate

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