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Join in lane of soft Tao Yi, joy makes money

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Soft Tao Zhi so absorbing, emphasized the design concept of DIY adequately very importantly namely, pass simple tool to be able to appear to design the effect Proteanly. Because aesthetic, train of thought, technique is different, make the thing that give each different, the characteristic that soft contented individuation, vogue changes is reflected incisively and vividly.
Soft contented is right DIY person the level does not have a requirement, begin is extremely easy, and our country's original clay sculpture, dough modeling includes fruit of contented model equivalent, soft Tao Dou can come true. From the point of current development, the vendibility of soft contented is bigger and bigger, the range that its use domain, craft to develop also is wider and wider. Soft Tao Ke makes all sorts of beautiful craft act the role of with treatment article, for instance catenary of necklace, hand, also can make a craft furnish, for instance chimney, scent-bottle. Current, the art worker with more handicraft professional even lover also intervened gradually this one domain, make technology development more thorough.
Make soft a surname investment is small, from the equipment that make for, soft contented makes need oven of a report (280 yuan or so) ; A machine that press mud (100 yuan or so) ; Still have a tool that make, include roll bar, prod to wait, plus simple mould reachs fittings (in all 200 yuan) . Complete set equipment is added groom charge and original soft Tao Ni, lowermost investment comes forward 1000 yuan namely. The contented with the tradition compare, the advantage clearly that soft contented invests.
How to run soft contented project
Soft contented is made is an activity that limits without the age, suit the child before school age already, also suit city youth DIY, at the same time craft machines an enterprise to also can make product of arts and crafts with it. Be based on such character, soft contented product had the following kinds of management kind:
One, storefront machines handicraft. Because investment is not large, the product that production gives grabs person eyeball, because this suits individual family to machine the handicraft that make particularly, sell tourist attraction of shop, jobber, travel to wait next.
2, open store of idle of soft Tao Xiu. Include manual DIY to make, promotion grooms, material sale.
3, open treatment of processing factory of soft contented handicraft to export soft contented handicraft. Perhaps sell on home market. If local somebody sheds bigger travel tourist attraction, so the foreground of this kind of treatment should be valued more
4, market of school handiwork class. Concern spirit according to the country, tao Yi will bring into course of middle and primary school, at present a few pilot cities already were having such project, because market of this middle and primary school also is worth while,develop.
5, manage integratedly. Inn of idle of soft Tao Xiu is OK still do together with union of other and recreational project, for instance, original Tao Yi can add such item directly, inn of a few bar, tea art can increase soft Tao Lai to regard characteristic as the project as much. The recreational inn that with soft Tao Xiu idle gives priority to also should do omnibus recreational room, offer beverage, boiled water, mug-up to wait, make people is working have a natural and comfortable recreational space.
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