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Clay sculpture, feng Xiang clay sculpture, clay sculpture types of facial makeup

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We produce handicraft of folk of sale Shaanxi characteristic, clay sculpture, feng Xiang clay sculpture, chinese clay sculpture, ladle types of facial makeup in operas, paper-cut, farmer picture, wheat lever is drawn, pi Ying, embroidery waits many kinds of big 10 500 many breed a moment, spring Festival CCTV mixed 7 10 sets 2005 ever
Had made special subject report. Face agency of countrywide sincere action now, manufacturer offers money, assure quality, specific consult please specific consult of website of this factory major connects a telephone call
0917-3618370 13772664006

Treasure chicken is rural civilian handicraft factory Constant gentleman gentleman Address: Shaanxi treasure chicken
Fax: 0917-3618370

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