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Traditional folk crafts sculpture - clay

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Clay sculpture known as "colorful" is a sculpture of Chinese traditional folk arts and crafts. Clay to clay as raw material, made of hand-pinched shape clay image to people, animals based. Production method is to squeeze the soil into the mud of various shapes, the dried, painted at the end powder, Zaishi painting. Coloring is the final process. Clay sculpture known as "the third of plastic, seven color," said the general background color before a layer to keep the surface smooth, easy to absorb the paint color. China clay sculpture art can be traced back to the Neolithic period, dating back thousands of years of history. Clay sculpture has become an important development to the art of the Han Dynasty species, requires a lot of funeral customs in the grave goods, the objective to promote the development and evolution of the clay. After Han Dynasty, with the rise of Taoism and Buddhism, and the deification of veneration and more activities, social Taoist, Buddhist temples, temples rise, directly contributed to the development of the clay arts. Clay arts to the Song Dynasty, not only religious subjects continued prosperity of the large statues, small clay toys developed. After the Yuan Dynasty, after the Ming and Qing dynasty, clay works of art are still circulating in the community is not bad, especially the small clay sculpture, can watch the display, but also allow children to play, almost all across the country production. Origin which has the famous Huishan, Tianjin, Shaanxi Fengxiang, Hebei baigou, Shandong density, Henan Xun County, Huaiyang and Beijing. Shandong, the clay around ● high density, the Ministry of Culture named "hometown of Chinese folk art", the clay sculpture as "China Ruin," one of the renowned Chinese and foreign. Ming Dynasty, high density of people to their own design made of a clay called "flower pot" of fireworks, gunpowder loaded again later dolls molded shape the mud. ● Binzhou "Henan Zhang mud play" (Henan Zhang is the name of the village) is also a minor celebrity, more types, there are dolls, tumbler, mud whistle, drama and characters. "Henan Zhang mud play" practices is extensive, not very particular about cleanliness and finishing strokes corner, Sasa Tuotuo, natural decent. ● "Guo clay," originated in rural Shandong province Cangshan Guo Xing Ming Village, according to legend from the Qing Dynasty Xianfeng years, a hundred years of history.
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