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Clay sculpture highlights the enriching effect

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One Village One Product Fu Fang, turns out to be: the income you have your recipe, I have my trick to get rich. Around the fruit, livestock, grain, vegetables, drugs that five leading industries, Baoji City, a large part of rural areas has been fully demonstrated a strong Power development potential, in addition to these industries, there are some folk art specialized villages to be outdone, on the basis of the inheritance to be innovative, making more people rich folk art as the path. Yellow mud colored dye out of the day Fengxiang six village for the villagers handed down a kind of pinched clay craft, shouted a few words Shaanxi, pinch a loess, clay artists here to make the most pleasant thing. Do clay village for six hundred years of history has been , The slack season, the fields, grab a piece of mud, can bring out the unique style of "mud playing live", according to legend the first Ming emperor sent troops stationed in the phoenix area, part of being good soldiers in Jiangxi ceramic, place Take some of the "plate board" the soil, the soil in the tendons rubbing with paper, using sell leisure to do stuff, this technique has spread so far. There is a saying, do not live in this mud, growing in poor, he said "there are half a liter of grain at home, not for mud live busy", that is, dirty and tired of this life is a bad live. Till, clay horse was selected as 2002 National Post Office Lunar New Year stamps on the main map, clay Mayi Yue success, but so happy for a long time clay artists, cities, counties, respectively, held a grand launching ceremony. Thus a rapid rise of the clay industry, six village for more than 200 people population, there are more than 150 in the clay. Six business people understand that the market economy, product quality did not hold water, no brand is not left How far. As a result, the village people around Hu deep, Hu Xinmin, and other famous clay artists, a division of labor carried out, huh a joint operation. Each industry will be able to profit from the clay of about 5,000. The piece has a strong local flavor, pure and honest and simple art styles, has become the world-famous folk art treasures. Clay artists, has been invited to Beijing, the exhibition lectures; tens of thousands of works of travel on the sea, Friends collection by the world's five continents, many fine as Professor of Fine Arts, students study the model, there are a lot of foreign friends to visit ... ... In 2007 at the agricultural high, I feel close to bring clay art of shocking people. Mr. Hu Shenlao son Hu Yongxing shaped clay cattle, this event has become a "One Village One Product" during the tour Focus, people rush to take pictures, but also brought benefits for him, a tourist in Shanghai Book a two hundred one-off clay works. Now, in the village for six, every household with school to start a clay sculpture, a small village into the sheep of the world, the villagers have also launched a mud money, really Yifan booming radiant scene. It appears that the ancient craft, Not only to protect the inheritance and very good, but need to constantly innovate, only innovation can make the old tradition full of vitality.
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