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Tibet second district who recommended list of non-genetic order of publication

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Department of Culture announced the second batch of autonomous regional level intangible cultural heritage inheritors representative list of recommended Robusta and other inheritors of the list of 93 Yesterday, reporter learned from the regional office of non-heritage through the region and autonomous regions all over the city to actively apply for non-experts left to do serious review, initial assessment sent by the Tibetan Thangka Mian inheritors robusta Sa, inheritor of Lhasa Langma Rob Qu Zhen such as the recently reported 93 to be approved by the regional government to grant them "the second batch of regional-level intangible cultural heritage inheritors representative" title. To demonstrate the fairness and impartiality of evaluation, autonomous regions and Cultural Affairs will be related to recent media publicity, receiving wide public supervision. "This preliminary assessment of 93 through non-material cultural heritage project representative successors, from all over the city reported 225 people who produce the traditional, they belong to folk literature, traditional music, traditional dance, traditional opera, concert, Traditional Sports and Recreation and acrobatics, traditional arts, traditional arts, traditional medicine and other nine categories of non-material cultural heritage project. "autonomous non-heritage Ngawang staff of the Office, told reporters, traditional dance classes and the largest number of traditional skills classes were 39, 22, followed by the traditional drama class, traditional medicine were eight categories, there are five traditional art, folk literature, traditional music classes, traditional sports recreation and acrobatic classes were 3, Opera has two. It is reported that in 2005, non-material cultural heritage protection project in the region since the start of the state and the autonomous region has invested 4,000 million, vigorously implement the national and regional-level directory of the project rescue and protection, effective implementation of the Intangible Cultural Heritage team activities, construction and display the work of academic research and publicity to Make valuable intangible cultural heritage in the new period of unprecedented glow of vitality and vigor. At present, there were altogether Langma Lhasa, the Tibetan astronomical almanac 60 state-level intangible cultural heritage, Tibetan Thangka painter Dan Danba around 53 other representative national intangible cultural heritage inheritors, Ga'er dance 222 regional-level intangible cultural heritage, 134 regional-level representation of the intangible cultural heritage inheritors, 735 county-level intangible cultural heritage. In 2009, our region and the Tibetan Gesar was selected as the UNESCO, "intangible cultural heritage list." This year, our district there are 16 projects into the third batch of intangible cultural heritage of national intangible cultural heritage list of publicity.
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