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Highlights the rural character of the clay works Yudong

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Thirty or forty years ago, you know what it was like in rural eastern Henan it? Calumet dangling a foot long the old man, squatting on the edge of a farm, pinching a piece, looked at the grinning across the grandson; keep the pot lid with a small Sunzi Guang Ding, his eyes riveted on my grandfather take a pawn rough hands; root big strap around his waist old man sitting cross-legged on the floor barefoot, single-handedly destroyed a bamboo basket of his wife, one hand is scratching to the old man, old man Lie Kaizui want to laugh; stone, pipe down, drum books ; Huagou, donkeys, small peddler ... ... Brought back memories of these scenes where? Zhang Zhenfu two clay artists in Zhoukou house studio allows you to feast their eyes. Zhang Zhenfu the clay has a distinctive artistic features: his capture at the bottom of society in the life of rural characters Yudong the most dynamic of the moment, character modeling unadorned, exaggerated, mostly small eyes narrowed, for god mouth, a Vice smiling Hantai, it is shown after the farmers have suffered a lot of satisfaction, hope, Kuzhongzuole, there is a little bit lost. Zhang Zhenfu the hands of the soil is heavy, behind the appearance of crude and delicate, sensitive, rich in the spiritual world, depicts the yellow ground about the disappearance of customs, therefore, these figurines will become a living fossil of rural folk culture.
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