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Mask of flat type soft model

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  this is a kind of most typical, has original creation distinguishing feature most mask in Tibetan opera, its style also develops most richly. General hill leather or makings, flannelette is made and become, from the gouge on hand of most simple a piece of skin 3 holes should do eye and two mouths, be in twice again register a carrot form, piece the white mask of shape nose, to modelling very exaggerative, adornment beautiful all the more, scale is special choiceness, colour particularly gorgeous blue mask, development went the mask of flat soft model of type of a series, their main distinction is in the impression different apply.
These   flat the soft model mask of type, with folk primitive and sacred be like " Ji Da " with the performance art is like " fold " mask, in the material that make. Come down in one continuous line is on modelling configuration and artistic style, withhold and carried on pure and fresh, lively, concise, lively style charm to send. The mask photograph of the sorcerer's dance in a trance of it and religion and consecrate is compared, more show bright, full-bodied folk and lay and artistic colour.
   Butcher person white mask is made with fur of unbleached white goat, facial ministry shows plane, eye, mouth receives form carve sky, brow is drawn or embed on, nose makes a record with flank silhouette protuberant together, the wool that goes up with goatskin makes mustache and hair. Besmear of mask forehead ministry is drawn or seam embed life badge to write down, think the United States is acted the role of on one hand, also be the Fu Ze on Buddhism, wisdom on one hand is indicative. Some is written down without life badge. The white of the mask, indicative chasteness, gentle, mercy does not have the heart that kills a person with fine long hair.
   Kingly red mask is made with a leather, on facial ministry paste red make an impression, the mouth, eye, bazoo is made by form, brow and labrum mustache are received form embed on, chin and mustache of two buccal adornment black or grey black, beard is sparser. Frontal ministry has life badge to write down. Mask red is indicative influence and majesty, the mind that has external affairs of both brave and resourceful of article Wu Lue sheathing or bow case, internal affairs to direct freely can, present majestic, brilliant hue. This kind of mask belongs to a Tibetan opera to making fun of male senile part uses the figure, be like Laoguo at, lord of chancellery, tribal chief.
   Mother hind green mask face ministry shows impression of planar blackish green, the mouth, eye, provide and frontal ministry all is made by form. The mask is lesser, only hand is so old, head of Dai Zaiyan specified number of personnel go up or one horn, the actor's eye and most face ministry still are shown outside, the mask becomes a kind symbolistic " form " . As suitable as it, should wear on the head " trident Ba Zhu " wait for tire. Green is indicative achievement shining, generation amounts to Zhu Bayun of honest bilking a root: "Collect of all Buddha merits and virtues at a suit, this namely Lin Zhongdu's mother. " this mother that says everything by Buddha, can break destroys all enemy, namely as green as what have all works degree of mother is identical. This kind of mask is belonged to making fun of female senile part uses the figure, wait like Fu of queen, mother, shepherd.
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