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Stereo good model mask

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 is clay sculpture commonly or carapace of paper of clay sculpture emergence or scale of varnished cloth carapace and into, with the part of demons and monsters in the Tibetan opera and divine dance part. This kind stereo good model mask, draw lessons from development directly by mask of sorcerer's dance in a trance or pensile consecrate mask apparently and come. Mask of the wife of a prince of haing river demon and Sa Jia cling to Mo mask, in left there is a big black mole on next buccal eyelid. But Tibetan opera of each district folk is made in model when, as strict as religious mask formula and provision are completely adverse, without strict formula, change with the subjective consciousness of performer, fabricant completely. So Langjiexue mixes the county plunging into bursa near Lhasa far the same role mask that plunges into team of two Tibetan operas to make in the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of border land, its configuration. Modal difference is very big. What same Mo Zhu is versed in team of Tibetan opera blocking a county is made is black mask of collect Buddhist templeput on the brakes, what make with group of municipal Zang opera is red mask of collect Buddhist templeput on the brakes, also became two kinds of form apparently. And the mask of sorcerer's dance in a trance that ghost of Tibetan opera skeleton and mask of god of fear Wei King Kong remove these two deities quite, its adornment has add have cutout, and gigantic chromatic more informal also, gifted more lay sexes and amusement.

  Demon the wife of a prince breaths out river mask
The stereo bedding face that it is a kind of demons and monsters in drawing lessons from sorcerer's dance in a trance and indignant look spirit provides  , face having a holiday also has false head, its modelling is green-faced and long-toothed-terrifying in appearance, hematic basin is big, gigantic tine crisscross, binocular the circle is opened, with hair dishevelled, there is on next eyelid big black civilian especially when show of civilian theatrical troupe, still match the goat breast that on two cloth make to her, from before knee is being hanged all the time before the bosom. This is a Tibetan opera " Mu of eminent child mulberry " part of medium demons and monsters of main negative character.

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