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Half stereo soft model mask

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General by cloth batt or animal wool perhaps fill in to be made in cloth layer, be like white, blue Chang Si old woman's head-ornaments provides the villager in play of two kinds of masks. Become in order to fill in into the hop-pocket tailor of thin Bao Xumao show department of stereo false face face slightly, the mouth and double eye some are received form cut into parts empty, some receiving form seam embed, nose makes those who establish system, brow, mustache seams compose to go up with yak cercus. This kind half stereo mask amount does not consider soft model much, but it also is very distinctive. It also originates the mask of flat type soft model in the art between Zu Hemin of inchoate primitive hold a memorial ceremony for, but had made progress, those who make is comfortable the show that makes disposition change at Thespian character.
  Mask of old lady of villager Chang Si's old man
If  folk Tibetan opera plunges into the villager Chang Si's old man of bursa county Lang Jiexue and old lady mask, become half stereo holiday completely with compression moulding of a piece of leather face, the mouth, eye presses form carve sky, nose compression moulding gives the look with protuberant in a way. Hair, mustache is made with the hair that wears on the below on leather.
  Celestial being old man mask
 prosperous makes fun of medium celestial being old man mask, become half stereo false woman's head-ornaments to provide with tailor of compression moulding of a piece of leather, be like half when maintain skin bag that buckles, facial ministry mouth, eye presses form carve sky in front, brow, mustache seams compose to go up, nose compression moulding must have stereo feeling a bit.

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