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Barbola. A special skill of tower Er temple

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Barbola is the fane culture art of a kind of having sth new. Tell from broad sense, barbola belongs to Tang Ka, kind, tang Ka is told from exterior formally have reel probably (painterly) Tang Ka of Tang Ka, inwrought Don Ka, jacquard weave, applique Tang Ka (say to cut lot again, namely barbola) wait for a few kinds with lapidary Tang Ka.
"Barbola " temple of the Er that it is a tower " 3 absolutely " one of.
Barbola is all sorts of design figure that cut a design with cotton cloth of of all kinds, silken, damask, elaborate caboodle is stuck into, whole picture, be made with color line embroider next and become. Its working procedure has design design, cut out unwanted material. Caboodle is stuck, embroider is made, chromatically of individual design part. Stick in order to pile give priority to; Embroider is made for the shop. Barbola cent cuts barbola and stereo barbola to make the same score two kinds. Smooth cutting barbola is the crowd of case of cartography of cloth of of all kinds that becomes cut out unwanted material on the calico with be stuck in the design good, reoccupy color line or edge of golden line embroider are become namely. And in make the same score the cotton on the mat inside shears picture or abb to make the graph is roused, stick embroider to be on symmetrical cloth curtain next, use the image of the different figure with good barbola embroider damask couplet to become again, gigantic a picture scroll, all compose, whole picture, in pensile Yu Diantang, the figure of place barbola is full of sharp stereo move and sense of reality, call stereo barbola.
Barbola subject matter is more extensive also, content basically selects figure of Buddha, sutra and arhat story, in also having mythological fokelore " flat peach is met " and " the Eight Immortals in the legend is fabulous " picture. Note those who weigh character configuration to model, of silks and satins of exquisite of all kinds choose configuration. Its are straightforward in show exquisite, see in the a bit excellent, craft is masterly, wonderful artical excelling nature. It uses the technique of anaglyph and inwrought and clever union, body reveals value of higher arts and crafts and aesthetic value, of the suspension in great classics hall " 16 honour person (arhat) show magic power " and " eight saints go across the sea " , it is two large and excellent barbola an excellent work. Barbola art monk teachs 16 arhat and the Eight Immortals in the legend respective magic power according to Cang Chuanfo, give individual character according to his rich imagination and aesthetic experience barbola each different, Tibet wears expression of bright, configuration the 16 arhat with gorgeous, sheer sense of beauty reach mysterious story and colour figure of the Eight Immortals in the legend. They or fall dragon, or Fu Hu, or town demon, or rejuvenescent, its shaping all was achieved static in have move, vivid lifelike, lifelike condition. Courtyard of A Jia Living Buddha and Zun Ke hide each in the family hall for worshipping Buddha of Living Buddha courtyard, content is " flat peach is met " stereo barbola work. Inside assist case family hall for worshipping Buddha is a Han Wen that show originality " birthday " glyph barbola. Wide about 3 feet, grow 6 foot, style is beautiful and lavish, stereo sense is stronger. Total position is in the grand occasion that it meets flat peach on word of this barbola age. It is in the middle of age word upside on the west king mother empress or imperial concubine of the first rank, issue both sides to be lady-in-waiting a bit, below ordinal for the Eight Immortals in the legend, most the lower end has realize empty both hands to hold celestial being peach in both hands to kneel down become Jing Xianzhi state. Meantime caboodle is stuck have the celestial being deer that shows long life, peaches offered as a birthday present, red-crowned crane, lotus, upside has month of red day clear and bright all round age word, auspicious cloud winds around, mid cirrus flowers and plants, bottom has water from a mountain, lion tiger. The construction is reasonable, layout is compact, although the character is small and bright and vivid, approximate anaglyph, for barbola art curiosa.
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