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Tibetian civilian is resided

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In the area with vast Tibet, the folk of dispersed formal diversity lives building, hide boreal v/arc accountant's office, of valley of the south that defend Tibet " watchtower " , the wooden compose of Brahmaputra catchment forest zone is built, and the downy cave dwelling in A, all have grumous ethical characteristic and area color.
A pasturing area, give priority to with tent. Sleep the plane of the room is square or rectangle commonly, prop up the frame that controls about two meters high with club, go up blanket of felt of Fu black yak, drawing of ox hair rope is used all around, fixed go up. Tent backbone stays have the 15 centimeters or so wide, crack that grows 1.5 meters, mix for daylighting ventilated. Grass is used all round interior of v/arc accountant's office base becomes slimy piece or adobe to be made an appointment with high 40, 50 centimeters ha-ha, bag of Ke of put cattle out to graze, ghee and cow dung pile above. Kitchen of intermediate buy fire, kitchen hind offers Buddha. This kind of v/arc accountant's office is made simple, tear open outfit is agile, carry convenient, get used to the nomad way of life that chase aquatic and lives.
Lhasa, day criterion of noise made in coughing or vomiting, prosperous wait town and all round its the civilian house of timberwork of villatic earth, stone, common says " watchtower " . Lhasa civilian is resided, it is adytum corridor form commonly, layer or 2 three-layer, there is well inside the courtyard, the one horn of toilet locate compound. All round town, the person that it is handicraft industry more, craftsman, farmer builds oneself alone courtyard bungalow residence. Area farming villager resides Shannade, because people loves outdoors activity, the corridor outside often be being used sets space of our type daily life, have a characteristic quite. A lot of country dwellers are built, no matter be bedroom, kitchen, store up, the design of court, still be stable, piggery, of the toilet decorate, functional relationship is more reasonable. Some civilian is resided, use hillside land ably, handle building lower level into animal sacrifice gasket, superstratum makes court or daily life room, make person cultivate divides buy, each other noninterference, improved wholesome condition.  
These civilian house architectural are remarkable the characteristic is: Quadrate bedroom, functional home all and low layer are tall. Bedroom mostly with 2 × net of 2 meters of column is unit, combination becomes 4 × 4 meters square is planar. Building layer is tall 2.2, 2.4 meters. Domestic all basically has card to fill up ark of desk of bed, Xiaofang, Tibet, have short, spell outfit, multi-purpose characteristic. Wall of domestic all edge is decorated, make full use of area of indoor edge horn, make mobile area concentration, convenient use.
Structural system: It is building more, shi Mu mixes a structure, adobe wall is large general 40, 50 centimeters, rubble wall is large 50, 80 centimeters, wintry warm summer is cool, get used to downy climate characteristic. Roofing all uses flat roof, surface of A earth.
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