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Fane building

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Archaic buddhism world view thinks the center of the world is in the hill that need cover, it is a center in order to need cover hill, take 50 thousand draw a circle for radius by a period of ten days, reassume 25 thousand draw a circle by a period of ten days, the 4 continent that formed the universe and 8 small continent. The bound in be with the mankind and the place that domestic animals lives, it is axes in order to need cover hill, up the day group that extend lives to deities, be down outspread the abuttals that has a rough time to darkness. The first fane of Tibetian area -- the structure style of mulberry Ye temple reflected this kind of consciousness adequately: Advocate hall delegate needs cover hill, there are indicative 4 continents inside the circle that enclosure makes, 8 small continent the hall building that reachs the meaning such as day, month. The fane later also had consciousness of this kind of building gradually, ceaseless development expands rise, below the sunshine of Qinghai-Tibet Platean, showing Tibetian to build artistic boundless glamour.

In be being built as fane advocate the Jin Ding that the hall indicates is to commemorate to come round to listen to the first batch of believer of classics after Shi Zuncheng Buddha -- two auspicious deer. The law among annulus represent Buddha, indicative also power of Buddha is passed to all directions from now on.

Liang Zhu is the significant position of the interior decoration in building Tibetan type. Liang Shangtong often applies colour to draw, the stake that with elaborate detailed quarter draw acts the role of hands in photograph reflect. Post is cylinder or much prism commonly. Engrave of carve of the chapiter of classics hall, shaft is worn all sorts of ornamental design or draw are acting the role of colour of of all kinds to draw, design content has animal head, lotus, roll careless, Yun Wen, blaze is mixed treasure annulus is waited a moment, have rich religious color.
Mural, colour is drawn, the majority is subject matter with religious content. Connect door of classics hall courtyard even the graph of tiger of unconscious person drive of two side scale, also adhered to deep-seated meaning -- the sensible desire that drive drive. Other mural are Sakyamuni Buddha commonly, ancestor noise made in coughing or vomiting cling to 4 days of big biography of biography, thing of Buddha literary quotation, character, king, 18 arhat and ceremony Buddha graph are waited a moment, add lotus, Sanskrit, Bao Xianghua, pomegranate to spend He Jixiang 8 luck, collective illuminate wears the value that lets build itself and adherent artistic value interior belief.
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